New Releases 22/06/18

FFS New album by The Orb as well sounds like it’s a good’un

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New Kamasi Washington’s excellent.

Gonna join the ‘Kamasi is great’ choir. Only listened to the first half as I can only handle so much EPIC JAZZ in one sitting but it’s damn good. Some pleasing Donald Byrd vibes throughout.

Gonna check out NiN soon if the football doesn’t perk up.

Man this is good. Also applaud the fact he kept the 3rd disc secret (whilst still referring to it indirectly in his press for the record). Wonder if it’ll appear on streaming platforms in the end? Looking forward to the vinyl arriving either way!

Picking up Kamasi Washington, might grab new NIN, irritated that the physical release of Jean Gray & Quelle Chris - Everything’s Fine has been pushed back AGAIN to July 27th. Will also nab Colin Mawson off BC.

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1st World Problems: getting at the secret third disc of Heaven And Earth without damaging the packaging…

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Came here to post that! Absolutely butchered my copy. Lovely / fucking stupid idea.

I think I’m going to gently run a craft knife along the suspiciously perforated edge at the top of the mid-section. It’s a fun idea but genuine hell for some, haha.

Yeah my mistake was using a blunt kitchen knife. Still, only bought the CD so not too fussed about the packaging!

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think this came out last week, it’s pretty good. He’s the pianist in BBNG but this is psychedelic pop stuff. VV good

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Classic doom from Khemmis someone on YouTube once described them as Metallica from an alternate dimension but tbh I’d probably say they’re a bit more like Sabbath if they emerged in 2012 rather than 1968

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American Pleasure Club (FKA teen suicide) have their ‘tour tape’ up on spotify now. Will be listening later :slight_smile:

Enjoyed the new Nine Inch Nails while in the gym.
A lot of Bowie circa Outside with a hint of Bowie circa Black Star.

Yeah, definitely get the black star thing. Think i said that about the single. I guess it also makes sense that he called this an album rather than an EP, too.

Not sure how I feel about an extended sax freakout section on a NiN album…

I mean he’s repeated himself so often it’s nice to hear a new idea. (i love the old ones too)

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Frankly SHOCKED that I’ve skimmed over all the hype gor the new Panic! at the Disco album.

Just sing about pigs on their knees ffs! :wink:

Gonna give it some more plays - too much of a mega-fan to dismiss off the back of one listen


Not to mention that pakt in sardines riff style.

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ian william craig’s ‘a turn of breath’ has been reissued, with TEN new songs.

if you’ve never heard it, definitely give it a whirl. ‘on the reach of explanations’ in particular is just one of the most phenomenally gorgeous songs i’ve ever heard.

then there’s also floating room (classic shoegaze-influenced indie rock):

and mock identity (jagged post-punk):