New Releases 22/06/18

There’s a new Code Orange EP!
Must check it out.

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Check out Jack River

New Galcher Lustwerk LP 200% is really good, only got turned on to him last week but some nice beats. Really like the new Orb LP which I didn’t think I would.

Here I come wading in with a few more overlooked releases…

Yazmin Lacey’s new EP is finally out, yay! Perfect soul/jazz/r&b for the summer. This is one of my favourite tracks of the year:

New album by Roller Trio called New Devices. For fans of Portico Quartet, GoGo Penguin, Mammal Hands:

And a final jazz recommendation - a new Emanative record as well. Features from Idris Ackamoor and Nat Birchall on here as well.


The Wave Pictures have been treading water for a few years, releasing solid but uninspiring records and quirky experiments but their new album is absolutely stunning- slow, intense and dark. Reminds me a lot of Songs:Ohia at times (via the Wave Pictures album of Jason Molina covers)

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Hi I’m very new to this site just saying hey I’m going to check out these artists

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Wow this sounds relevant to my interests! What is it called? Can’t see anything it could be on Spotify

Available from their Bandcamp page. They recorded and released it straight after his death. The influence is very clear on the new record, I think.

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Excellent, thanks very much. Absolutely love invariant coffee baby and, a few songs here and there excepted, nothing has grabbed me much since. They were amazing at green man in 2015 such a great live band.

Have you listened to the new one? Definitely the best since Instant Coffee Baby (although Beer In The Breakers is good and all of their albums are worth a listen). The new one is much darker than they usually are which is why it reminded me of Molina.

I haven’t but I will give it a go, thanks for the recommendation!

Just listening to Kyle Andrew’s Big Hearts Exploding. I quite enjoyed a cheesy electro-poppy album of his a few years ago. This one seems more electronicky, but still quite catchy.

The Sea Within - The Sea Within

new Art Rock band ft. Daniel Gildenlow, Roine Stolt, Marco Minneman, Tom Brislin and Casey McPherson.

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Sounds a bit like Steven Wilson doing a Chris Cornell impression. I’m down, I guess.

Finally getting round to this album today, it’s brilliant

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Just started listening to this, really enjoying it

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