New releases – 22 July 2022

Oooh! First time starting this thread! Allow me to kick things off with these:

Rafael Anton Irisarri – Agitas Al Sol

Swelling waves of drone from the ubiquitous drone man. Digital/vinyl release of a very limited cassette and sequel to his 2019 album Solastalgia.

Tanya Tagaq – Tongues (North Star Remixes)

Bunch of remixes from what is still the leading contender to be my AOTY. Haven’t heard any of these yet, but the album is such an incredible work of rage and power that I’m very curious to see where the remixes take it.

What else have we got?


So far only listened to this, but a pretty good start…

FAST DE - Sight Inside - LP - Psych
Synth heavy psych funk from Amsterdam. Only listened to the 2 preview tracks so far, but really like both.


Also this:

Nina Nastasia – Riderless Horse

Sparse and potentially harrowing set of songs detailing the decline and breakdown of her long, abusive relationship.


Alex The Astronaut - How to Grow a Sunflower Underwater

Gorgeous latest album from the Australian indie-pop singer/songwriter. Quite a terrible title but have listened to this 5 times already today (couple of long drives).

FFO: Big Feelings, sweeping choruses, going to therapy.


Ty Segall - “Hello, Hi”

Our man Ty breaks his drought of nearly a year since the last record with a mostly acoustic affair.


Koreatown Oddity

Underground hip hop


Imperial Triumphant (jazzy experimental black metal), Panzerfaust (black metal, no jazz) and Jamie T for me today


TRAAMS - personal best

Krautrock/Post punk type grooves. Features the singer from Protomartyr on one track. Sounding good so far.


[JAG] New Dawnwalker single streaming everywhere (except spotify.)


Listened to this last night (they released it on bandcamp two days early) and it’s way less fiercely black than the previous two Suns of Perdition albums, much slower paced (except for Far Banks of the River Styx) but I like it.


Mentioned before but TRAAMS, Nina Nastasia and maybe Jack White for me…but mainly Nastasia.

Seen Nastasia live many times in the early 00s and Dogs is one of the best albums of the 2000s. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered what had happened to her.

“Looking forward” to the album but I’ll probably make a cup of tea and sit down with it on as opposed to having it on the earphones when I’m out and about and commuting which is my usual mode of music listening.

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New Jamie T is really good. Probs his best yet. Yes im serious.



TRAAMS is surprisingly chill

New album from Beach Bunny, Emotional Creature. I really enjoyed the DIY pop punk of their last album, Honeymoon. Vocalist and songwriter Lili Trifilo has an awesome voice too.


Enjoying a Jack White album for the first time since Elephant

Jamie T album and then this new Billie Eilish single for me

Struggling with it so far tbh, seems a bit disjointed.

Surprise new EP from Billie Eilish.

Edit: sorry just spotted @Funkhouser had already posted this.

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New Galya Bisengalieva OST, atmospheric ambient violin work:

Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive | Galya Bisengalieva (


Tegh & Adel Poursamadi - Ima ایما - LP - Electro
One of the Bandcamp Albums of the Day. Haunting atmosphere with intense bursts, it bridges the point where beauty meets power tools; i’m sure they put it more eloquent than I did.

Not sure why the player won’t load for this one…

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