New releases 22nd November

Already gave beck a listen sounded decent, if a little bit tame impala in places


I’m gonna give that Nasty Cherry Season 1 EP a listen. Wish me luck!

New Twain album. Liked the last one


Ooh, I came here to post this. I discovered them this year and really loved their ep they released earlier in the year, so am looking forward to this album.

Will also be checking out Nadine Carina and an ep by Leonie Pernet.

There’s a new Girl Ray album, isn’t there?

Other than that, not sure. Looks like Kevin Devine has done a cover of Nirvana’ debut album though. Not really sure there’s a need for such a thing.

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Maija Sofia - Bath Time: This is a wee stunner of an album, dark, beautiful folk. FFO Keaton Henson/Tomberlin/Molina


This sounds right up my street, will definitely give it a go.

Also got the aforementioned Beck and Billy Corgan lined up. Along with Jaako Eino Kalevi and Leonard Cohen

my band put out a new single today

FFO - real estate, camera obscura, people being shite at go-karts



Also Beck


Girl Ray album was ok - not entirely sure of the more pop direction they’ve gone in, but then some of the poppier songs are the best on the album.

Probably have a listen to the Jaako Eino Kalevi album today, otherwise there’s a handful of new singles.

Still a bit early to crack open the Christmas playlist…

Corg Anal Bum Party?

Sure thing I’ll bring the limited edition Teargarden by Kaleidyscope obelisk

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New one on Disintegration State by The Gibraltarians! Eclectic electronica.


Maija Sofia and Girl Ray for me.

New soccer mommy single

New Richard Fearless album and new double A-side from local boys Weimar for me.


New Ours tune “Wounds of Love”

The Leonard Cohen album is wonderful. The opening track alone makes it a worthwhile addition to the catalog.

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Lack of melodies too, considering the unreleased stuff in the same ilk like my life and times, think you know, wasting time thst all have strong vocal melodies to carry the songs

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This new Billy Corgs album sounds like he just found out that James Iha played on a Whiskeytown record and thought ‘I’m having some of that…’