New releases 22nd November

Coldplay are going to have a reappraisal in the same way Fleetwood Mac got to be cool after their peak. So much class stuff in their back catalogue


The main single (the one that sounds like all the other singles from their last couple of albums) is a massive outlier, isn’t it? I’ve listened through a couple of time now and, while it doesn’t all hit the mark, it’s their best album in over a decade for me.

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New Bronsoliño

There’s a new Braids single, but it’s a little bit musical theatre or something.

I enjoyed it, there’s nothing close to Earl Grey (which I thought was incredible) on their debut but it was decent enough except maybe the track with the guest rapper.

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Southampton band A Formal Horse have unleashed their debut album today. Soundwise: proggy, with riffs a-plenty and lovely, soaring, folky vocals. Bloody good stuff!


One for the Ambient etc crowd. Been really liking this today:

Not an artist I’ve been aware of before - was drawn in by the inspiration for the music (Polish filmmaker Kieslowski).

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Just stuck this on, 3 tracks in, and it’s definitely far more interesting than anything they’ve been punting for the last 10+ years

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Yeah this is a lovely record

Richard Fearless - FFO Daniel Avery. That Acid Angels track is a banger.

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Enjoying the new one from Billy. A couple of outstanding choruses here:

I picked up the 3cd + DVD + art prints + book Chemical Brothers / Surrender box set. It’s a beautiful thing, and the cd you get with this edition that you don’t get with the 2cd version is fantastic too. 21 minutes of Out of Control. Let Forever Be without nearly so much Noel Gallagher on it.

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Aye it’s a cracker, he’s in a rich vein of form tbf. His outputs been a bit up and down over the years but he seems to be developing a bit of consistency now, stripping things right back has worked well for him.