New Releases 23/07/2021

What are you listening to today?

Molly Burch - Romantic Images

Resident’s AOTW. A change in direction, slightly poppier than her previous 2 records.

Maja Lena - The Keeper

Former Low Chimes member, dreamy, delicate folk.

Anika - Change

Dusted - III

FFO Vic Chesnutt, Alex Maas or Damien Jurado. Member of Holy Fuck


(U.K. rappers follow up to one of the best British rap albums, ever)

(Nico Jaar with about his 4th album in the last 18 months, this time with Dave Harrington on guitar - Pink Floyd, psychedelic guitar / electronics. Debut was a classic)

(Footwork love songs, prob the footwork album I’ve looked forward to the most since Double Cup a lifetime ago)

Big week, even without the album Kanye is still recording…


Would I like any of these?

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Sorry, just added some descriptions, after realising that I posted without them. I pressed post after checking there was no duplicate thread and hadn’t included the, very slight, notes


Me too!


A few I’m excited about this week:

Piroshka - Love Drips and Gathers
I’d really prefer a new Lush album but I’ll take a new Piroshka one.

Mega Bog - Life, And Another
Art-psych-pop. For fans of Cate Le Bon and stuff like that. I really liked Dolphine and particularly the track ‘Diary of a Rose’ from a couple of years ago. Interested to hear this next effort.

Altin Gün - Âlem
Second album this year already for the Turkish-Dutch psych-folk-funk band. This one is out as a charity release via Bandcamp only. All proceeds will go directly to the environmental nonprofit Earth Today. Not up there yet this morning; in the meantime, here’s one of the singles that appeared earlier in the week

Jalang - Santau
And how about a bit of Indonesian-Australian hardcore punk?


Pet Shop Boys new Paul Weller remix.

Descendents - 9th And Walnut, punk legends follow up to a quite bad last album. Hopefully it’ll be better. FFO: songs about coffee, being the one, everything sucking.

Joel Culpepper - Sgt Culpepper

Epic sounding modern UK soul album. FFO Kiwanuka, Motown.

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Debut album from Emma-Jean Thackray


Alexis Marshall - House of Lull, House of When

Him out of Daughters, expecting it to sound brooding and nihilistic like their last one but I haven’t listened to it yet.


off the bat, that artwork is terrible

Another great video and pop smash from Lil Nas X


Nice folky sounds from Alasdair Roberts


Forgot about this. Love the first two albums.

Darkside! E-J Thackers! Dave! Looks like a good week.

Keep reading it as Duster though

Dave is pretty great. Always a relief to hear a U.K. rap album without an Ed Sheeran feature too, so that’s a win.

Loved Darkside. It’s more of the same tbf, but I’ll take that. Just adore that ‘sound’.

Missed Emma Jean-Thackray, so added that. Really looking forward to it.


No Darkside on Tidal yet. :frowning:

Excited for Mega Bog. Station to Station is such a brilliant song.