New Releases 23/07/2021

Is that you, HOV? Get Kanye to finish that damn album!

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Slowly Rolling Camera - Where the Streets Lead

Cinematic jazz grooves with a touch of trip-hop.

Leon Bridges - Gold-Diggers Sound

Smooth and soulful R&B

Wiliam Parker - Mayan Space Station
Wiliam Parker - Painters Winter

Two releases today as the prolific double bassist leads two trios on very distinct records; Mayan Space Station brings the electric guitar of Ava Mendoza to the fore, in a free jazz record that is equal parts spicy and spiritual, whilst Painters Winter is bass, horns and drum and is more a tribute to the flow of the seasons and of rhythm as melody and pulsation.


It’s there but not showing on the artist page - search “darkside spiral” and it shows up


Absolutely loved his debut. Probably my favourite uk rap album since Boy in Da Corner


Vic Spencer - Brainstem Factory

Chicago underground hip-hop


Top tip! Thank you, got it now! I guess it’s been tagged to the wrong artist.

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The Altin Gun album’s out now. “Âlem is out! Our Bandcamp only album where all revenues go straight to Earth Today. Buy a song, protect at least 1m2 of nature. Help us to reach Earth Today’s main goal, protect at least 50% of nature worldwide.”

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New Mol single today, ffo Deafheaven, Alcest, etc

Hopefully means an album soon

For your consideration

Check out Infinity Broke - good ol ramshackle garage rock and or roll. For fans of the Drones etc

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Baba Sissoko - Griot Jazz

Can’'t find much info on this release but sounds like a pleasantly jaunty and jazzy ensemble of Malian musicians which works for me.

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This new Dave album is special


Enjoying the new A Formal Horse album, Meat Mallet. Darker tones, less rock opera but still with cleverly constructed tracks and arguably a more marketable album. Gave it a first listen and nothing stood out as good as Unison 3 or Lonely Doe from the first LP but I suspect it will sink its hooks in on repeat listens, still a good campanion that would make for a great live set.

Its on Bandcamp, i’ve not worked out how to get the embedded mini player working yet, but this will do for now…
Meat Mallet by A Formal Horse



Upper Wilds - Venus

Space themed fast noise-pop from guitarist Dan Friel (Parts & Labor) and friends


Finished Mega Bog and put it straight on again, even though there’s a ton of stuff to listen to today. Big thumbs up from me


Yeah same here. It’s flipping great.


Great little 4 song EP from Samia, fell super hard for her debut last year and have had Show Up on repeat for the last couple of months.


Yeah it’s a banger. The single was a proper red herring

Pre-ordered the vinyl the other day. Got a lot of time for Vic Spencer.

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Experimental, avant garde, ambient, drone,

this is great :ok_hand:

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