New Releases 23/10/2020

So what does the community have today?

I woke up to be happily surprised to learn that This is the Kit have a new release, Off Off On, today. Nice on first listen. Nothing “new” from Kate but a nice continuation of her signature sound and guitar-work.

Alternative folk-rock, ffo Rozi Plain (also a member of the band).


I’m on a night shift currently. I’ll download the new Springsteen and Laura Veirs albums to listen to during my breaktime and for the tube journey home.

Not sure what else is out today.

Theoretically, Kadavar’s new record is meant to drop today, but I still haven’t seen it yer.

Don’t think I can remember a release day as packed as this. I’ve been queuing up the following since midnight!

Actress - Karma & Desire - Second release this year from the former West Brom striker and one of the greatest artists of the 2010s.

Call Super - Every Mouth Teeth Missing - Third album (first on Incensio), “an immersive suite of shapeshifting sound design and needlepoint rhythm programming”.

Songhoy Blues - Optimisme - Gritty, joyous protest music from Mali.

Laura Veirs - My Echo - This divorce record is the 11th studio album from the lesser known third of case/lang/veirs.

Bruce Springsteen - Letter To You - I’m probably not the person to sell this one as I’ve never really listened to him bar Western Stars, but that was a great album so looking forward to this.

Ela Minus - acts of rebellion - Columbian (via NY) electronic protest tunes, Helado Negro features.

Kahil El’Zabar’s America the Beautiful - The prolific and mysterious jazz percussionist has a great sounding album here - .his re-working of Express Yourself is magnificent.

Clipping - Visions of Bodies Being Burned - Visceral Horror-Rap

Juana Molina - ANRML - Live recording from March 2020 from Mexico’s NRML festival by the Argentinian experimental pop/rock star.

John Frusciante - Maya - Who wants to hear a solo album by one of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers? is a good question. Fans of 90s UK breakbeat and jungle is the unexpected answer.

Loma - Don’t Shy Away - slow, experimental music from a band including a few Shearwater members and who count Brian Eno as a fan and sometime producer.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge and Azymuth - Jazz is Dead 4 - Latest release in the JiD line features the Brazilian jazz funk trio Azymuth.

Melody Gardot - Sunset in the Blue - luxurious, seductive jazz singing.

Gorillaz - Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez - Likely to be less than the sum of the parts of the collaborators, but hard to ignore an album featuring Robert Smith, Beck, Elton John, slowthai, JPEGMAFIA, Skepta, Peter Hook, Joan as Police Woman and Tony Allen.

Adrienne Lenker - songs / instrumentals - Big Thief singer / guitarist with two records which will appeal to existing fans.

Jeff Tweedy - Love is the King - Another solo release from the Wilco frontman. Expect folky Americana.

Pallbearer - Forgotten Days - Big riffs from the proggy purveyors of doom & gloom.

The Slow Readers Club - 91 Days in Isolation - Surprisingly enjoyable Editors tribute band.

Rick Simpson - Everything All Of The Time - Kid A reimagined for jazz piano. It’s probably as good or as bad as that sounds to you.

Juanita Stein - Snapshot - Third solo album from Howling Bells frontwoman, inspired by the death of her father.

Penelope Trappes - Eel Drip EP - Experimental soundscapes from the Australian vocalist.


That’s pretty comprehensive, @Octobadger! Thanks! Have a like for Juana Molina; going to that one straight away as I love her off-kilter pop/rock sound and hadn’t heard this was due. Love this thread (still)!

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digging the gorillaz way more than i thought i would

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The Springsteen album sounds very Springsteeny. Very good.

I’d like to own a jacket like the one he’s wearing on the front cover but I don’t think I could pull it off.

Surprise new Slow Mass. 50 tracks


Thanks for this. Much appreciated each week. Actress, call super, new jazz is dead, songhoy blues, gorillaz and adrianne lenker on my list. Absolutely no way I’ll give enough time to some of those. What a week!

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Will be starting with Sen Morimoto’s self titled record. Sort of off-kilter jazzy pop stuff… is that a way people describe music?

He co-runs Sooper Records with NNAMDÏ, who released one of my favourite 2020 albums so far, and the singles have been great, so I’m looking forward to this.



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USA Nails


New Mountain Goats today. Expecting some loveliness and expecting some cringey bits… so business as usual.

Last week’s Disintegration State cassette releases are all on Spotify now if that’s yer thing.


Genre-hopping sampletronica

Dark glitchy electronica


New PUP ep for fans of full throated US pop punk

Otherwise will be checking out Clipping, This is the Kit, and Adrienne Lenker

Hooray for albums!

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It’s usually me…they stole my limelight :rofl::rofl:

I’ve been waiting for this to arrive for a while.

La Noche de los Dioses by Tino Contreras

And then we have a pair of new singles from Skullcrusher. A ‘double A-side’ perhaps. Technically they were not released today but actually came out Monday but still

Farm by Skullcrusher

Lift by Skullcrusher

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Happy Adrienne Leneker day everyone!


Not entirely sure what Magik Markers sound like these days but their first album in 7 years is out today

Ahem… PUP are Canadian.