New releases 23/3/2018

So, what you got lined up for today.

Since you ask, I am excited for:
Hatis Noit - Illogical Lullaby (well, an EP)
Bonny Doon - Longwave

I will listen with trepidation and no expectation to Jack White, Boarding House Reach (if only for old times sake and because I see P/f**k panned it, so it may be ok after all)

I also see GBV have a new one out, Space Gun, so guess I will give that a whirl.

So, what have a missed from today’s releases, DiSers?

Cavern of anti matter
Courtney Marie Andrews

Courtney Marie Andrews and Mark Prichard for me. Preoccupations sounds interesting so will probably check that out too.

Will deffo check out first 2.

Haven’t heard the name Cavern of Anti-Matter in yonks.

Mindfucker, the new Monster Magnet album, is out today. The singles have been decent so I’m looking forward to it.

Theres a new Four Tet single, if you know which symbols to search on Spotify. It’s probably more obvious on another platform

Oh, and Will Haven, although I’ve heard their album a number of times over the years.


Seen this? Everynoise It’s a list of every new release each week, I’m pretty sure it covers everything (4243 new albums this week, plus all the singles!) sorted by genre to ridiculous levels, it’s a bit of a nightmare to browse through. is also good and a bit more concise…

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Got Mark Pritchard on to start with. I didn’t get on with his last one but have a deep affection for his work over the years so I’m hopeful.

Can’t find anything released today, but there’s a few things (including one from last week) if you search for ⣎⡇ꉺლ༽இ•̛)ྀ◞ ༎ຶ ༽ৣৢ؞ৢ؞ؖ ꉺლ

Update, not a fan of this one either - I imagine it will still be Bleep’s album of the week though.

Cavern of Anti-Matter’s recent singles have been fantastic, so the album’s going on today at least once.

Otherwise I’ve got Gengahr and Hamish Hawk lined up.

ah, maybe it was last week. it just showed up on my release radar today.

Hatis Noit’s album is quite interesting in a Medulla-era Bjork kinda way. Seems to be all voice-based with lots of sonic manipulation.

@Twinkletoes - yes, indeed. I am not sure it always works, but it is surely interesting. The Bjork comparison is apt - the record features Björk-collaborators Matmos.

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Yeah, I’m glad I listened to it, but I’m not sure I’ll listen to it again

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I had a quick listen, but wasn’t my kind of thing. I’ve a bit of a love-hate relationship with Matmos too :smiley:

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Yes exactly. Well said. I did like the non-Matmos edit of the Illogical Lullaby track, and some parts of the other material.

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Oh dear Preoccupations :sleeping:

Messthetics (rhythm section from FUGAZI)