New releases 23/3/2018

Will Haven

Sunflower Bean

Alasdair Roberts’ new one What Now is good, mainly just his lovely voice with a pianist. Very soothing.

Will check out Hatis Noit as I liked one song I heard. Maybe Jack White too for a laff


I ended up on “there is actually some nice black metal-lite atmospherics this time, but ultimately yeah it’s still the same album”

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listen to it at night

see this?


^this with added Jack White for old times sake

Aye to fall asleep to cos it’s boring af


I’ll never know. Pretty sure I won’t be returning for a second go

There’s not much else to say about it tbf. It’s a good album but there’s only so many times you need to hear it.

Aye, warms my cockles that they still jam. With a reunion, I guess the weight of expectation on them grows as time passes.

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crazy, man. I don’t understand why this is getting such a bad reaction, are people just sick of them generally like Arcade Fire last year (except that was more justified)

I’d be very, very surprised if they even did a proper reunion largely because the world has changed a lot since they went “on hiatus” and they probably feel they wouldn’t be able to control everything the way they used to

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Can’t think of anything to say other than I found it really boring and it was a slog to get to the end of it. Espionage is decent but then you’ve got to wait til Solace for anything else mildly interesting to happen. Arsed

it’s only half an hour long :smiley:

Half an hour

EDIT computer shat itself… half an hour I’ll spend listening to Viet Cong instead

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20 minutes - or nothing!

why not both :wink:

If I’ve only got half an hour I’d have to listen to them simultaneously :rofl:

Get the decks out :level_slider::headphones:

Honestly though in comparison to Viet Cong and s/t this is pants

do you only have half an hour? :smiley:

I’ll admit it’s the least good of the three, but there’s still plenty of good stuff on there, it’s hardly a massive drop-off

ALSO I don’t think it’s really fair to judge on one listen. None of their albums are instant classics but reward repeat listens