New releases 24/01

Bonny Light Horseman and Yorkston, Thorne & Khan for me. It’s going to be a mellow morning.

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Nothing really jumping out. Will try Black Lips and see what pops up in this thread.

Wolf Parade



Both good

Will check Wire’s new one soon

New black lips :+1:

New Sarah Mary Chadwick too

New Bohren & Der Club of Gore out today for all you doomjazzers. Really liked the pre-release tracks. You know what you’re getting with Bohren and no one does it better.

Looking forward to checking out Bonny Light Horseman and Calibro 35. Currently listening to a wall of experimental cello noise by Louise Bock which is going down well too.


Really wanted to like Bonny Light Horseman but, there’s too much faffing going on. Plus one of those folk songs, that once it has a version this good just cover it.

new four tet single, he’s on some run at the minute

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Deluxe version of the latest Chromatics album with loads of new tracks and a full instrumental version of every song (inc. the bonus ones). They’ve also released a new single which is more in the style of the Dear Tommy stuff.

It’s neon soaked, surreal, female-fronted doomed-romance super slick Twin Peaks post-punk for the few here who haven’t heard them.

Pet Shop Boys, in preparation for their HGATR (hopefully)


Going to check out October Drift… don’t have a clue what they sound like so can’t give a description sorry. Here’s a video

Also Wolf Parade and Wire


Just had Terry Allen’s Just Like Moby Dick on, really great folky country full of rich storytelling and humour from the old dude.

Got Les Amazon d’Afriques lined up for some afro electro pop vibrations, then Yorkston Thorne Khan (fr what I’ve heard sounds like might be their best yet), then J Hus when I’ve woken up a bit

Wolf Parade. First listen. Disappointingly safe and dull. First and final song are killer though

Like the PSB album on first listen. Opening track is great - reminds me of early Soft Cell.




Field Lines Cartographer is stunning ambient.



There are some good new singles this week.

Jackie Lynn (aka Circuit des Yeux) - Casino Queen
Genre: indie pop/experimental/Circuit des Yeux’s idea of a pop project

Hayley Williams - Simmer
Genre: pop

Waxahatchee - Fire
Genre: indie rock/singer-songwriter

oh fuck yeah, new pet shop boys :heart_eyes: :+1: