🌊 🐸 New Releases - 24/05/2024 🐙 🦞

It’s time once again for everyone to introduce one another to all the new tracks, jams and noise we’ve never heard before this very day (singles and pre-released tracks notwithstanding). I don’t know about you, but I’m quite excited.

First off, the big one for me is…

DIIV - Frog In Boiling Water

These guys are at the forefront of modern popular shoegaze rock, and frankly I’ve seldom heard a band that can get the balance of their own sound so right. The review for this have been very favourable, and the singles have all sounded great to my ears. Cannot wait to hear it in full.


On a slightly similar note,

Softcult - Heaven

Another ep of dreamy fuzzy songs from a band who know how to write a hook or two.


Astrid S - Joyride

Fancy some scandipop? Well why not try Astrid S’ss’s new album? Come on, pals, join the Joyride

Edit: this is top notch pop.


Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan - Your Community Hub

The one I am looking forward to most, after I’ve had a sleep!


La Luz- News of the Universe (indie surf, neo-psychedelia)

Sorry no link yet


Oh yeah I’m keen to give this a go, might get to see them on Saturday at Wide Awake


Bill MacKay - Locust Land

Drag City Americana guy (and frequent Ryley Walker collaborator), lots of nice guitar as per but more vocals and keyboards than usual and all in the space of 29 minutes.


Young Jesus - The Fool

Excited for this. Always interesting and experimental indie rock - previously had shown shades of Modest Mouse, Lift to Experience, veering into electronics and improv sections.

Sounding a bit cleaner and more focused this time around, but well worth a look


Aside from DIIV a few others I’ll try to listen to today:

Finom - Not God

FKA Ohmme, art rock from Chicago

Motorists - Touched by the Stuff

Pop punk from Toronto… I’ve seen comparisons to Hotline TNT but to me they have a more fun 80s take on that sound.


Machinedrum - 3FOR82

Prolific electronic producer collaborates with a whole load of vocalists


Vince Staples - Dark Times


Aluminum - Fully Beat

San Francisco shoegazey indie.

Noémi Büchi - Does It Still Matter

Experimental electronica and modern classical (“electronic and symphonic maximalism”) by the Swiss composer and sound artist.

NikNak- Ireti

Leeds artist: “Through a fusion of turntablism, experimental synthesis, haunting vocals, and dynamic electronic elements, NikNak crafts a cinematic experience that traverses genres like jazz, jungle, experimental and trip-hop”.

Mui Zyu - Nothing Or Something To Die For

Hong Kong British artist Eva Liu’s second album of bedroom pop.


Pardoner - Paranoid in Hell EP

Short and sweet EP from the noisy slack janglers. FFO Kiwi Jr, Flying Nun bands


These are the main two for me today.

Caoilfhionn Rose - Constellation

Manchester singer with dreamy vocals over lush arrangements mixing ambient, folk, jazz and modern classical. Three tracks in and it’s excellent so far.

Billy Mahonie - Field of Heads

First album in 15 years (I think) by veteran post-rockers. First to be made by their original line up since their debut. Should feature some good driving rock.


Feel like new Vince Staples should be more of an event, especially if he’s feeling depressed when writing it.


People Without Shoes - Selective Ingreenients

‘90s rapper making comfort food head nodders. Pretty great vibes


Sean Khan - Sean Khan Presents The Modern Folk & Jazz Ensemble

As the title suggests. Jazz takes on folk tunes by Nick Drake, John Martyn, Pentangle

New The Gibraltarians out today


Young Jesus, Finom, Mui Zyu, Noemi Buchi, and Caoilfhionn Rose are on my list from the already mentions. The latter two sound pretty great from the first few tracks each. Just a few more:

Samana - SAMANA
Sounds quite lovely and dreamy.

David Kitt - Not Fade Away
Singer songwriter from Ireland. Hope it’s as good as his early albums - the first song sounds nice and catchy, and great to hear his voice again.

Siobhan Wilson - FLOWERCORE Vol. 2
Dreamy acoustic Scottish folk pop. Her second of three mini albums this year about flowers.


For me, the drop off from the superb Summertime '06 and Big Fish Theory to everything after was so huge that I genuinely winced to see he has a new one out. Hoping for a return to form but not holding my breath.