New Releases 24/07/20

What’s everyone listening to today?

I’ve got Taylor Swift and Katie Dey lined up.

Also, got a Bandcamp email and @Bamnan’s album is out too!



Think that’s it


Jessy Lanza is the biggest one for me. Has two stellar albums under her belt already and the singles are pointing to a third.


Jessy Lanza, Courtney Marie Andrews and Dan Michaelson are the ones for me today.

23 mins of poppy/punky stuff

PJ Harvey demos

4 track EP

Cool jazz stuff

pop punk stuff

Australian Indie

Fans of Phoebe Bridgers etc

Australian experimental pop

bit of lad rock for the lads


illuminati hotties was last week, but it is very good


Not new but I think the Fiona Apple album is finally out on CD today

my spotify release thing letting me down again.

Going to give Cinder Well a listen. Dark American trad folk. She worked with Lankum, apparently, so worth investigating if you like them:


It’s always the same. Excellent band :ok_hand:

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PJ Harvey and Kamaal top of my list, then all this to check out whilst waiting for Kanye’s album which will definitely drop today sometime.

Jon Hassell - companion piece to a 2018 release from the trumpeter/composer/innovator of ‘fourth world fusion’; FFO densely textured ambient music

Laurence Pike - Australian drummer/electronic musician and member of Szun Waves with an album recorded during the raging fires which tore through his country last year.

Shirley Collins - A very English kind of folk

Sparkle Division - A mix electronics, jazz and disco with WIlliam Basinski on saxophone

Asher Gamedze - “blends free jazz with South African protest music”

Courtney Marie Andrews - Country, “break-up ballads with haunting, poetic lyricism”

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New one on Disintegration State by the inimitable Colin Mawson. It’s so so good.


The Laurence Pike record is aaaaaaaaa so fantastic. Right up my street

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Yeah, Kamaal Williams is the only new release for me this week I think.

Some post black metal. So excited for this but I’m away with the tv and there’s no way I can listen to it till Sunday :confused:


came here to post this! I listened to the youtube stream last night, I think it’s going to be a major grower. Pretty good on first listen but I think it’s going to gradually get better and better with each listen.

Don’t know if you watched any of that stream, I found it quite amusing that they all just sat/stood there silently barely moving except for turning the LP over for the entire 55 minutes! :grinning:

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This is really, really good. Perfect first-coffee-of-the-morning music.

Listening to Peej’s Dry demos now. She sounds so young.

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I contributed to this Alzheimers charity album today, as did @worrier1. All the artists had the limitation of making their tracks from manipulating a field recording of their choice up to 5 seconds long. Mine is a drone track made from a sample of the silly baby crying.


Somehow aways thought Jessy Lanza was Jessie J; it appears she is not - she actually sounds tight up my street! Her whole back catalogue to go through as well, result!