New Releases 24/07/20

this sounds great and I’m only on the second track

:heart_eyes: @Bamnan


Anyone else having issues with ordering stuff months ago that still hasn’t come in to be dispatched for delivery. I’ve got The Soft Pink Truth and Marisa Anderson / Jim White still awaiting delivery after pre-ordering in May (tbf they were only release a month later). I guess covid thingies.

Picked up the Dry re-issue yesterday.

Gonna give Katie Dey and Sparkle Division a go

thank you for listening! :heart:

New Gulch record is great


I have the same issue with The Soft Pink Truth though that’s the only one so far which seems to be in limbo.

(I can’t, for the life of me, remember the name of that album you put out years ago and it seems like all trace of it has disappeared from the internet… What was it called again? Sorry I’m being vague.)

Where can I find your stuff…i’m intrigued…especially as a fellow Kozelek fan/apologist

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oh erm Motivation I believe?

I think most of it is still up here but a couple of tracks got deleted at some point

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I don’t know if my music is that similar to Kozelek but you can find it here

or here

The Katie Dey album is really beautiful, Happiness, Hurting and Data are my standouts at the moment. The moment her voice breaks on Data is wonderful, a great closing track.

The day Jessie J signs to Hyperdub is the day the culture finally collapses in on itself and we all give up

Thanks pal

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aw no thank you for taking an interest

Skullcrusher. Sounds exactly like you wouldn’t expect something called Skullcrusher to sound. Another for the Phoebe Bridgers crew. I think it’s really lovely.


this is very cool, I am a new fan

this is great (and better than the last PB album)

John Foxx And The Maths album out today. Features Ultravox/Magazine guitarist Robin Simon so especially looking forward to hearing this.