New Releases 24/09/2021

Well this looks like it is going to be a busy day.

Ada Lea - one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden

Second album from the introspective Canadian folky signer-songwriter

Amon Tobin - How Do You Live

Latest from the genre-fluent Brazilian sound manipulator (might be one of Nu Jazz, IDM, Electronic, Progressive Electronic, Jazzstep, Drum and Bass)

Andy Shauf - Wilds

Folky Canadian multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter.

Brigid Mae Power - Burning Your Light

Irish singer-songwriter with an EP of covers of songs by Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Patsy Cline and more.

Call Super - Cherry Drops I

First of 2 upcoming dancefloor-directed EPs from the electronic producer.

Dave Okumu - Knopperz

Looking for Knopperz? Or maybe you wanted Donuts? Instrumental jazzy hip-hop beats inspired by J Dilla.

DJ Muggs & Crimeapple - Cartagena

Underground east coast rap as Muggs & Crimeapple team up again following 2019’s Medallo

Kondi Band - We Famous

My first introduction to the music of Sierra Leone and I like it; intricate dancefloor electronica and the kondi thumb piano to the fore.

The Lovecraft Sextet - In Memoriam

Funereal darkjazz

Lukah - Why Look Up, God’s In The Mirror

2nd LP this year from the Memphis rapper not dissimilar to the Griselda house style - and Boldy James is amongst the features.

Lyra Pramuk - Delta

Collaborative re-imagining of Lyra’s 2020 album Fountain, featuring KMRU, Caterina Barbieri, Hudson Mohawke and more.

Mas Aya - Máscaras

Meditative and psychedelic sounds of Nicaraguan bells and whistles and guerilla speeches.

Nao - And Then Life Was Beautiful

Shimmering shoegazey R&B, features include Lianne La Havas.

Natalie Imbruglia - Firebird

I wouldn’t ordinarily be listening to this but as I am of a certain age, Beth from Neighbours was quite an important character in my young manhood. Also Firebird was the name of a Glasgow bar/restaurant which featured a lot in my 20s and early 30s. Double nostalgia whammy. You might well not share this and have no interest.

Native Soul - Teenage Dreams

If you’re not up to speed with Amapiano yet, here’s where you get on board. It’s a South African mutation of house music incorporating jazz, folk, afro, deep tech house and traditional South African music; this is a young duo amongst the leading lights of the burgeoning genre.

Nils Landgren - Nature Boy

First solo album from the charismatic soulful, Swish, funky jazz trombonist.

Porter Ricks - Same

More of the Same from the techno pioneers with this reissue of aquatic dub and beatless psychedlic trips.

Proc Fiskal - Siren Spine Sysex

“sampled Gaelic, Irish and English Folk Music, contorted and imbued into the futurist body of modern pop; the ghostly anima image of the female folk voice, the lamenting wheeze of the accordion rub against the rush of icey 808s and angles of Grime”

Public Service Broadcasting - Bright Magic

PSB with a concept album about the city of Berlin.

Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine - A Beginner’s Mind

Softly psychedelic spacey folk rock inspired by movies.

Various Artists - Molten Mirrors - A Decade Of Livity Sound

Compilation celebrating ten years of bangers from the bass music, heavy drum label.

Various Artists - I’ll Be Your Mirror

Velvet Underground & Nico covers from Michael Stipe, St Vincent, Sharon van Etten, Fontaines DC and more.

No Spotify launch yet for following records also meant to be out today

Big Boi & Sleepy Brown - The Big Sleepover

Rap collab album, Killer Mike involved amongst the features.

The Body & Big Brave - Leaving None but Small Birds

Appalachian, Canadian, and British folk with country, blues, and a touch of metallic weight from this collaboration of B-word heavy experimentalists.

Poppy - Flux

Screamy grungey punky pop(py).

Westside Gunn - Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf (Side B)

An actual Griselda release, partner piece to last month’s album.

Zomby - Chaos Reigns

EP of long lost UK bass tracks.


A couple of Rap/Hip-Hop albums first for me today


Just spotted this ‘Deluxe’ edition of RTJ4, a couple of bonus tracks and all the instrumentals


Japanese Breakfast - Sable OST

Soundtrack to a new video game, four tracks in and it’s a mix of ambient synths with choppy vox and beautiful grand piano ballads with lots of strings.

Lead single Glider is an absolute pearl and a great place to dip your toes in.


The Body and Big Brave should have a new album out today but it’s still not available anywhere unfortunately. Sounds suprisingly folky.


The Body & Big Brave BB have put out one of my albums of the year so far so I’m interested to see what they’re up to with The Body, a band I’ve been impressed by but haven’t really loved before. Expecting it to be slow and heavy

Caleb Landry Jones normally impresses when I’ve seen him in films. I had no idea he made music, judging by the cover it looks like it might be a bit Ty Segall/oh Sees? Going to give it a listen and find out

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Sleep Token - This Place Will Become Your Tomb

Secret mask wearing band who are a bit metal and a bit commercial indie. Bastillecore

Yowsers, I’ve got just over 20 new albums out today on my release radar! Will add some of them later, but thanks to @Octobadger saving me from adding at least 5 of them! :smile:

Here’s one for now:

Malik Djoudi - Troie
French smooth electro pop type stuff. Have been really looking forward to this one. I loved his last album and live performances a couple of years ago.


Looking forward to the new Public service broadcast

And Rivers of Nhil will bring the heavy, don’t know if the sax is back. The single I heard was more Vangellis than free jazz metal.

And Rupture Rapture has another track out, because he is a machine.


Cheekface b-sides ep

Catchy indie pop with almost spoken word vocals

Plus Ada Lea (very good on first listen), sufjan/Angelo and Andy Shauf


Astrid Sonne. Synths, dissonant cellos and electronic sounds. Wonderful imo. Technically released Wednesday but this week so am including it.

Also venturing to the darkside Spotify for J Brekkie as the vinyl isn’t available until April.


Brilliant OP! Will check out a couple of those.

Really haven’t liked the two body + big brave tracks I’ve heard but will give it a go. Production sounded really too bright and I don’t like her singing. Way too affected for my tastes

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Sultry, cosmic post-bop, hip-hop jazz funk fusion jazz from a trumpeter who appears to have hired the same cover artist as (or just ripped off) Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids did for their last record.


Experimental vocal jazz songs written in a. Travelling lab in collaboration with therapeutic practicioners and guest musicians.

Anthony Hamilton - Love is the New Black

Latest LP from one of the biggest bands in modern soul and R&B.

Jesca Hoop - The Deconstruction of Jack’s House

Stepped back re-imagining of her 2012 album The House That Jack Built


About to dive into Sufjan.

Starting my day with a lovely slab of blackened death metal courtesy of Succumb:


Sans Soucis - On Time For Her
folk, r&b, pop, lovely voice and music. FFO Kadhja Bonet (who also sings on a song)

Manu Delago - Environ Me
Austrian multi-instrumentalist, including his strange steel drum kinda things. Amazing live performer also.

Mindy Meng Wang - Phoenix Rising
Chinese/Australian composer, seemingly with lots of traditional Chinese instruments (from my limited knowledge!). Sounds lovely and intriguing.

Hiro Kone - Silvercoat The Throng
“No stranger to manipulating macabre disorientations into enchanting new shapes, her music exposes the unsettling and sublime. Taking a deconstructive approach she is known to draw upon a combination of modular synthesis, noise and field recordings.”

DoomFolk StarterKit - SunFaded
Some chap from Portland, Oregan, and sounds like it! Really nice sounding instrumental songs. Looking forward to properly listening to this.

Holy Hive - Holy Hive
Folk soul falsetto singing sounds.

Balhazar - Sand Castle Tapes
Ooh, I recognise the cool/freaky album cover of an earlier album of theirs from this year. Indie-ish sort of band, sounds good.

Anna B Savage - These Dreams EP
4 track EP from the powerful voiced Savage, including a cover of Girl Like You.

Bess Atwell - Already, Always
Nice acoustic sounds.

Beach Body - Walking Holiday
Written whilst holded up in a cabin in the remote woods of Northern Saskatchewan. You know the drill.

Spearming - Holland Park
I think this was out last week, but seems to have been missed. UK undervalued indie pop band. Their A Different Lifetime album from 20 years ago is one of my favourites, so always interested in hearing more.

Flavien Berger - De La Friche
lo-fi bedroom instrumental songs?

Wych Elm - Rabbit Wench
British Courtney Barnett type sound maybe.

Paperwing - Prism EP
Swedish indie-pop, with Loney Dear playing on one song.

ok, time to finally start my proper work now!


Bay Area shoegaze band, Film School have followed up their hiatus breaking album from 2018, with a 6th album


haha thanks buddy. bit of a break after this EP I think… maybe.

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The Muslims - Fuck These Fuckin Fascists

Formed in the months after Donald Trump’s election, The Muslims are a queer, POC Muslim punk trio from North Carolina. That shouldn’t leave any doubt as to where their political allegiances lie, but in case the three albums they’ve released since 2018 didn’t do the trick, Fuck These Fuckin Fascists should. Not only does the cover’s cartoon artwork depict a fist punching someone that looks suspiciously John Lydon – the Sex Pistol / PiL frontman / Country Life butter advocate who recently admitted voting for Trump – but its 12 snappy, acerbic songs all take direct swings at the forces of oppression.


Various Artists (Dark Entries Records) - Back Up: Mexican Tecno Pop 1980​-​1989

While synth pop and obscure electronics from Europe and the United States have been extensively documented, much less attention has been paid to such offerings from the periphery. Back Up serves as a vital document of Mexico’s flourishing DIY scene in the 1980’s, surveying a wide range of styles and moods. By using home recording techniques, the bands featured here were able to circumvent relying on the expensive studios of the era. Tracks by Avant Garde, Vandana, and Silueta Pálida mine the kind of dreary-but-infectious wave that long-time Dark Entries fans will celebrate. Meanwhile, Volti and Artefacto offer a floor-ready pop sound that has echoes of NY freestyle, with Latin percussion and boxy beats. But darker turns are present as well, with Década 2’s New Beat-inflections and electro experiments of Syntoma and their side project Escuadrón Del Ritmo.


Picked one of the many at random. This is very nice. Chilled and melodic.

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