New Releases 24/11/17

What have you guys got lined up? New Sufjan album (@Severed799 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and Bjork for me.

On top of those, I’ll give the new Noel Gallagher a shot, and I just found out that three of the guys from Nothing have another band called Death of Lovers with a new album out. Might be worth a shot given how much I liked both Nothing albums, though it’s described as more early-80s and synth-y.

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I got nuthin’ this week. After so many weeks of plenty - today, a dearth.

Luckily, I have just discovered the Sevdaliza album Ison (in case she’s a DISer - huge thanks to Kelly Lee Owens for mentioning this in her Piccadilly Records’ interview following her (very well deserved) AOTY award (hey, you listening Sean!?). So, my ‘new’ music fix is still sated. (But that’s not a new release this week, or even this month - Ison was released back in April - and so clearlythis has no place here. Sorry @rich-t/everyone.) Forgive me.:fearful:

Still, I think this week’s thread might otherwise be a thin one …

PS I will be absolutely delighted to be proven wrong, and to pick up a few gems here …

I’m not normally that fussed about remixes and outtakes, but on first listen the new Sufjan is fantastic. Really holds together well as a stand alone album.

Halfway through my second listen to Björk. I think I love it.

Wait what? Why am I tagged here

Slim pickings as we reach the end of the year.

There’s a great new version of Pictish Trail’s Lionhead out as a single.

Otherwise I’ll probably keep spinning the H ZETTRIO Christmas album.

Ore - Belatedly

“The title is derived from the fact that I failed to complete this album the first time around. I started it as a gift to my father when he was diagnosed with lung cancer in late 2014. But I failed to complete it before his death 8 months later. I subsequently aimed to complete it but found that too hard…so had to start the whole thing afresh. This is now ready, Belatedly.”

I really like this. Really stately and melancholy, as you’d expect. Was supposed to review it but I’m running late due to Brain Jitters so everyone should go listen to it so I feel less bad.

‘No Cure For Death’ by Sect has timed it’s arrival perfectly as the soundtrack to the annual Black Friday consumer frenzy. 10 tracks, 16 minutes in total, surely everyone can find the time for this one today.

Actually interested in a Gallagher release for the first time in decades, seeing as David Holmes has produced, I’m a big fan of Holmes.

The review on the main site made me curious about this. I think I’m going to brave it later after a beer.

I was doing a call back to the debate about angel Olson by calling the new Sufjan stuff an album

@SenorDingDong - I am two tracks in. Suggest you have more than a beer. A lot more. Still 10 more tracks to go. Gaargh! I’M TOO SOBER FOR THIS.

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that’s some real dark mischief you’re toying with there, boy



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Thanks, I love Nothing so will check this out.

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There’s a new Max Cooper ep. The man makes some great dance music.

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On my first listen and up to track 2. Not passing judgment (and probably not a unique sentiment), but is this an homage to William Hung?

Just discovered this band Two Moons via a plug by Strange Ranger on Facebook, their final album More Rain came out yesterday. On my 2nd listen now and I’d say it’s worth checking out. Reminds me a bit of the first Yuck album, but maybe a little less restrained? Track 5 also strangely seems like it wouldn’t be out of place on The Soft Bulletin.