New Releases 24 December 2021

Just three votes for last week’s board favourite, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, with two votes apiece for John Dwyer and Team Dreams (Sin Fang, Solely, Orvar Smarason).

Not much to go at this week. What did you like?

  • Autumn Creatures - Exedra: Funeral Garden Remixed
  • Barbican Estate - Way Down East
  • :latin_cross::latin_cross::latin_cross: (Crosses) - Goodbye Horses
  • Curve - Manchester Union 1991 bootleg series volume 12
  • Deerhoof - Devil Kids
  • Gezan - B-Side Rebellion (Outtakes)
  • I Like Trains - Live At The Brudenell
  • Mara Carlyle - Live at Pizza Express
  • Nas - Magic
  • Pye Corner Audio - Get Thee Behind Me Santa
  • Rupture // Rapture - Live & Unreleased // 2021
  • Shy, Low - Snake Behind the Sun (Live in Richmond, V​.​A​.​)
  • The Alchemist - Cycles
  • Various Artists - Happy Hollerdays 2021
  • Various Artists - Popify Wrapped (Alcopop! Records Class of 21)
  • Wisbands - Twilight EP
  • Xanny Stars - A

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Ive not even listened to my own suggestions recently, starting to regret waiting so late to start listening back to all the albums of note this year month by month before deciding my album of the year list as I’ve not even finished April! I blame my wife for insisting that ambient techno, gritty rap and cosmic jazz aren’t suitable Christmas music.


This is an album worth breaking the unspoken rules for. Really enjoyed it, with my personal fave being White Jazz as it goes all Velvert Underground, but honestly at least 4 other tracks are competing for that top spot. Also Gravity of the Sun from their Barbican Estate EP is ace too. Thanks for highlighting this one.