🦞 New releases 24 Nov 23 🦞

What, no new music? How’s about:

all structures align - cut the engines


New Guides by Voices - nowhere to go but up


Inland Delta by Biosphere

Should be some lovely ambient


Both of these for me. The single from the GBV album is their best song in years so hoping the same is true for the album.

New Tom Rosenthal - Zz - Sides

Sounding really beautiful in a quick skim

Just added the newmusicfriday tag tothis


Miles Spilbury & Carlos Niño - Light Manoeuvres

UK jazz saxophone debut accompanied by the omnipresent Mr. Niño.


The Jasmine Minks - We Make Our Own History

Indie pop. First new album in 22 years for the Creation Records legends.

Ghost Woman - Hindsight is 50​/​50

Previously Evan Uschenko’s solo project, Ghost Woman is now a duo with Ille van Dessel in as co-writer and drummer. Lots of fuzzy guitar going on, kind of 80s sounding gothy post-punk.

The Hermitts - Weight Of The World

Indie rock from Stoke on Trent which nods back to Creation bands of the late 80s.


the algorithm wants me to listen to this today.

Anish Kumar - In Sri Lanka

lots of field recordings turned into all sorts from near-ambient to garage


A couple of dance albums out today:

Otik - Cosmosis

Anish Kumar - In Sri Lanka


Camilla Sparksss - Lullabies
Swiss Canadian artist, not sure where I heard her from. Very intriguing sounding songs. Sort of reminds me of Jenny Hval, or what I’d like Jenny Hval to sound like maybe. Hushed vocals over beautiful music. Only listened to half so far, but am looking forward to going back and listening to the rest. Seems like something @dantrobus would like / has recommended in the past.

Additional info, she’s made some cool looking mirror thing you can stick on top of your vinyl for added animation nerdery as you listen. I’m obviously considering splashing out £60 for it:
‘Lullabies’ is a collection of eight bedtime stories for adults consisting of two 12inch animated vinyl and a magic mirror designed by the artist. By placing the mirror on top of the record the animations spin to life at 45RPM.


Otik LP on 3024 sounding pretty special. Celestial atmospheres, soaring breaks, hypnotic trancey rhythms, all the good stuff.


Ha, beat me to Otik

Edit: that wasn’t some kinky request


Raze Regal and White Denim Inc - S/T

White Denim collaborate with guitarist Raze Regal adding a psych soul twist. FFO White Denim, Steely Dan, Tame Impala etc.

Really good so far.


Really looking forward to that Otik album.

ZAHN – Adria

Second album from Nic Stockmann (Heads., ex-Eisenvater), Chris Breuer (Heads., ex-The Ocean) and Felix Gebhard (live-Einstürzende Neubauten)

A bold escape from your daily life through technicolor transmissions of post–rock, krautrock, dark jazz, noise–rock, post–punk and electronic music. Influenced by the likes of Trans Am, The Jesus Lizard, METZ, The Melvins and Tortoise, “Adria” is a compelling soundtrack to a 1980’s anti–utopian road movie! - Bandcamp


Bit of classic indie rock here. I know this lot and they’re good lads, decent album as well.

Brueder Selke - Belka & Strelka
Classical/ambient/electronic sounds from two German brothers. On The Oscarson label, who always make the most amazing physical version of albums.

C’mon Tigre - Habitat
@Octobadger would probably say something like:

Fabiano do Nascimento - Mundo Solo

LOTA - Mind EP
Cologne- based musician, “With a sound somewhere between the wonderful “Through Water” by Lapsley, Jame’s Blake’s emotional songwriting and the danceability of Sylvan Esso”

Aure - A Few Notes EP
French/Mexican-based artist. Lovely delicate stripped back songs.

Aghiad - Liman EP
Sneaking in this release from last week, as I’ve just come across it and it sounds quite nice. Google translated text, in case you wanted a more worldly Alt-J:



one of the UK’s best black metal bands have a new one. think its a concept album