🦞 New releases 24 Nov 23 🦞

Sunken Foal - Reveal in Finder
New LP from my favorite Irish IDM producer, and his first on Front End Synthetics records (the first not on his own label since his 2008 debut on Planet Mu).

I like the Songwhip links but I miss being able to sample things directly in the thread with the Bandcamp embeds. Anyway here’s a songwhip link.


Really liked Wurld Series’ last album, they nail the 90s college rock guitar sound that I’m a sucker for. New one sounds like more of the same upon first impression.


Ciel - Homesick

Debut album from Xi’an born, Toronto based electronic producer / DJ. Traditional Chinese instruments mix with analogue beats and samples A mix of house, electro, drum & bass and downtempo. Recommended!


New single by Midas fall

Midas Fall - Cold waves divide us

Post rock with a singer who sounds a bit like Tori Amos.


Don Leisure feat Amanda Whiting - Beyond the Midnight Sun

Downbeat nu jazz from Don Leisure featuring Welsh harpist Amanda Whiting. Some nice laid back vibes here.


took a punt at their older album, really nice stuff

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Which album did you go for? Evaporate is my favorite.

Fergus McCreadie - Sketches
A surprise(?) new EP of solo piano jazz by last year’s Scottish Album of the Year Award winner.

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yeah, same one.

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A couple of late entries which I’m really enjoying:

Musta Huone - Valosaasteen sekaan

Kinda doomy experimental kosmische stuff? Here’s what the press release for the Helsinki quartet says:

"The music of Musta Huone, Ville-Matti Koskiniemi (guitar & vocals), Joonas Paasiala (drums), Santeri Paasiala (bass), & Pietu Arvola (synths and noise) is difficult to pin down. What started off in mid-2010s as a primitive lo-fi duo drawing from punk and black metal influences, has developed into a free-roaming hybrid mutation soaking inspiration from kraut rock, 90’s alternative and noise rock and experimental electronic music. "

fabric presents Sama’ Abdulhadi

Long running mix series hands over the reins to Palestinian producer Sama. Her mix starts off with quite minimalist percussive techno and then gets bigger.

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this is very lovely

Pleasurewood - They Live

Paul Elliott and Anthony Donje’s collaboration as Pleasurewood is named after a Suffolk theme park; this album “is a trip through a cinematic funk-o-rama of French inspired 60’s and 70’s gauche TV beats and 70’s and 80’s Simla beat Mumbai synth rock”.

Real Lies have just put out a new ep


This is really nice.

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Last week, it was Blockhead from Danny Brown, then Kurt Vile, André 3000, Vince Clarke and Deary all in 3rd.

What was good this week?

  • Afrojazz Quintet - Welcome Our Future
  • Aghiad - LimanEP
  • Anish Kumar - In Sri Lanka
  • Aure - A Few Notes EP
  • Bar Pandora - Recreate This
  • Biosphere - Inland Delta
  • Brueder Selke - Belka & Strelka
  • Camilla Sparksss - Lullabies
  • Ciel - Homesick
  • Cykada - Metamorphosis
  • C’mon Tigre - Habitat
  • Dirty Laces
  • Don Leisure feat Amanda Whiting - Beyond the Midnight Sun
  • Dwarves
  • Fabiano do Nascimento - Mundo Solo
  • Feeling Figures - Migration Magic
  • Fergus McCreadie - Sketches
  • Ghost Woman - Hindsight is 50​/​50
  • Guides by Voices - nowhere to go but up
  • Jamie Lenman - Muscle Memory Max
  • Kirk Barley - Marionette
  • Leonov - Procession
  • LOTA - Mind EP
  • Mark de Clive-Lowe - Charlie Parker with Strings Remixed
  • Martinou - The Sheltered Planet EP
  • Midas Fall - Cold waves divide us
  • Miles Spilbury & Carlos Niño - Light Manoeuvres
  • Musta Huone - Valosaasteen sekaan
  • New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Live at the Hacienda
  • O. - Slice
  • Ordnance Survey - Turas
  • Otik - Cosmosis
  • Pleasurewood - They Live
  • R.F. Chaney - Tropism
  • Raze Regal and White Denim Inc - S/T
  • Real Lies
  • Scarlett O’Malley - The House Joints EP
  • Special Request
  • Sunken Foal - Reveal in Finder
  • The Hermitts - Weight Of The World
  • The Jasmine Minks - We Make Our Own History
  • The Judges - Judgement Day
  • Tom Rosenthal - Zz - Sides
  • Underdark
  • Various Artists - Tru Thoughts 2023
  • Where we sleep - Bang Bang
  • Wurld Series - The Giant’s Law
  • Xploding Plastix - This Is Accurate
  • You are wolf - hare // hunter // moth // ghost
  • ZAHN – Adria
  • all structures align - cut the engines
  • fabric presents Sama’ Abdulhadi
  • hoshii - hoshii
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Damn, Blockhead beating Danny Brown. Never thought i’d see it.

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Confusingly I saw a band called Ciel supporting Blood Red Shoes recently but this is not the same Ciel

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King Buffalo - Live at Burning Man

Live performance from the 2022 Burning Man festival by the Rochester NY heavy psych trio. Name your price on Bandcamp.

Also a video version on YouTube

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The Woodleigh Research Facility - Phonox Nights

Totally missed this posthumous Andrew Weatherall release, the third and final album with long-time collaborator Nina Walsh under their Woodleigh Research Facility name, which they were working on at the time of Weatherall’s death in 2020. Atmospheric dubby electro.

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There’s at least 3 current artists named Ciel, which is weird as it’s a bit of a nothing name

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