🦞 New releases 24 Nov 23 🦞

New EP from Swedish warm melodic techno producer.

Martinou - The Sheltered Planet EP


Kirk Barley - Marionette
No idea when or why I added this to my list. Jazzy, ambienty, field-recordingy stuff.

I’m finding it a mixed bag tbh. Some tracks are irritating (opener, for example), some are absolutely lovely (Lake of Gold).

Scarlett O’Malley - The House Joints EP - new EP from ace club producer.

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Where we sleep - Bang Bang

Beth leaves the Curve-esque sound for something more cold and electronic. It’s great.

Leonov - Procession

Post metal. The lead track was really good.


Thank you. I love this - perfect dark and cold winter music. And that mirror zoetrope thing (praxinoscope?) with the animated vinyl is really cute. Too expensive for me (I’d need to buy a record player, for one thing) but a really nice package.

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oh shit the Dwarves have a new one too

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R.F. Chaney - Tropism

This is one of John Francis Flynn’s primary collaborators, as well as drumming for him he also provides a lot of the electronics and tape loops (hence the track ‘Chaney’s Tape Dream’ on JFF’s first album).

This is his solo debut, a collection of largely electronic instrumentals (with a bit of sax/clarinet), ‘recorded in attics, bedrooms & living rooms in Dublin and Stockholm March 2015 - August 2017’ but only seeing the light of day now.


Jamie Lenman - Muscle Memory Max

Reissue of Jamie’s first solo album. One side metal, one side acoustic things. Lots of extra stuff I’ve never heard. Still a great album.


New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Live at the Hacienda

Manchester’s most underrated band put out their final live show. Stacked with tunes.


Much improved mix too. I always found the metal side really muddy and it’s much clearer here.

You are wolf - hare // hunter // moth // ghost

FFO beautifully sung creative contemporary folkish type things

Only heard 2 tracks so far, one is gorgeous, the other I can’t recall beyond feeling it was so bland I wasn’t going to bother with this. But now I will. Don’t know if anyone remembers the Prefuse 73 remix of Afternoon Delight, well here the version of Reynardine sort of pulls the same trick.

Edit: oops this was released Nov 3 apparentlly, soz

Various Artists - Tru Thoughts 2023

Tis (nearly) the season for end of year album samplers. The compilations of jazz, soul, electronica and hip-hop from Brighton label Tru Thoughts are always worth a try and tend to point to some new artists that are very worthy of further attention.


One of the most unique artists going, deserves way more attention for her creative approach.

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Bar Pandora - Recreate This

Shimmery electro-pop-with-folky-undercurrents EP from Coventry-based musician Charlie Tophill, who you might have also seen on stage with The Howl & The Hum.

Special Request messing with the KLF with their blessing

Looks like Special Request is going to have a go at another 3 over the next year.

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He was my friend’s room mate all through uni, I used to know him quite well!

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That’s cool. I’ve been really enjoying his stuff for a good few years now. Was it uni in Bristol? I think he’s from here.

Bit of a baron week, this week. Listened to the Fabiano do Nascimento album, though. Have enjoyed his previous work, so thought i’d give it a listen and it was very nice. Not sure it’ll get many listens, but still nice.

The Judges - Judgement Day

Aussie powerpunk stomp on Total Punk

One folks poor week, is anothers gold mine…

Xploding Plastix - This Is Accurate - LP - Electro
After a 14 year wait, everyones favourite Norwegian big beat band returns. Its very similar to their last release, The Donca Matic Singalongs Revisited, feeling almost like a direct followup. Skip the first 4 tracks and you got an excellent album with the remaining ones; not that they are bad, just not a good opener for the album. Glad they are back, looking forward to a tour and delighted that they have even more new music beyond this due in January. If the preview track doesn’t work for you, try Lets Get Forgotten for their lighter sound and More Expresso Less Depresso for for more immeditiate energy.

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Cykada - Metamorphosis - LP - Fusion
Featuring the excellent Chiminyo on drums and packed full of other talent. I like it all even though some of the vocals don’t work for me. The tracks 3301 or The Cracks in the Bricks may be superior preview tracks too, but there isn’t a bad track on it.

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Mark de Clive-Lowe - Charlie Parker with Strings Remixed - Single - Electro
2 excellent remixes of Charlie Parker classics from his album Charlie Parker With Strings; I really hope we get the other 17 tracks remixed too.

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hoshii - hoshii - LP - Fusion
A little like twee jazz if there is such a thing. Anyway its from the polish jazz saxophonist Kuba Wiecek and he claims both Flying Lotus & James Blake as inspirations, definitely can hear elements of both in it. Not out till 30/11.

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Afrojazz Quintet - Welcome Our Future - EP - Afrobeat
Light afrobeat funk from Finland. I got nothing on this lot but really liked this EP, I can’t say they do anything new but all 4 tracks are solid tunes.

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