New releases 24rh April 2020

Seems to be a fair bit to get through today.

What do you have lined up?

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes
Other Lives

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I’ve got Elder and Katatonia (doomy progressive metal), Hayley Williams and Dance Gavin Dance (mathy post hardcore) on the list this week.

(I still need to give Oranssi Pazuzu and Martin Grech from last week some proper time, that Sugar Horse EP and Enter Shikari have eaten all my listening time)

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New Fu Manchu

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White Poppy. Hazy slightly beach house vibe but not really.

Clarice Jensen. Cello stuff that is very intense but quite grounded in modern classical rather than mixing in drone and electronics.


Rone- Room With A View

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This is nice summery ambience on See Blue Audio

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Nothing catches my eye


try allowing your ears to investigate instead :grinning:

whaaaat? Didn’t know about this.

Debut from Hazel English is my pick today. Nice summery indie tunes.

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There’s a new Windy and Carl album out apparently

Just a three track single. They’re releasing a couple more of these this year to celebrate 30 years (!!) as a band.

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There was one last month, unless there’s ANOTHER one?

I remember listening to her a few years ago, has it just been singles and EPs so far?

Yes apparently so. I was surprised when I saw it was her debut but everything else has been singles, EPs or collabs it seems.

Pleasant surprise for the morning anyway, much more weather appropriate than the Trail of Dead I just had on!

OOohh, a new White Poppy - awesome!!!


30 years of songs about cars and partying. LADS.