New Releases 24th June 2022


Got these on my speakers today.

First new one by Regina Spektor in years. Singles have been good so looking forward to more of that.

Then there is the new one from Soccer Mommy which has been getting rave reviews this week.

Any recommendations on other artists this week?


Going to dip into Alexisonfire but I’m no expecting much


Big one for me today is the new release from Free Cake For Every Creature front person, out on Double Double Whammy

Kate Bejsiuk - The Woman On The Moon

FFO of Florist, Gabby’s World, Told Slant, Free Cake For Every Creature.



All about the prog for me


I was really excited when i saw a new Balance and Composure album on the spotify, given they’d split a few years ago. However it does appear to be a 70-track yoga soundtrack, so am assuming it’s a misattribution, sadly.

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The new EP from Planet 1999 is at the top of my list today, I think it’s their second EP on PC Music.

There’s a new Homeboy Sandman Mixtape where he’s rapping over beats he couldn’t clear for his albums…

Yeah real bands


This compilation came out on Wednesday, money from sales is being donated to The Trevor Project. Saw it as Tomberlin is featuring on a Lala Lala song. Plenty of other good names Julien Baker, Faye Webster, Squirrel Flower also on there.

Happy new Burning Hell album day

The Burning Hell - Garbage Island

DIY indie folk from Prince Edward Island. I love them.

I’ve got loads on the list today. After The Burning Hell, it’s gotta be the new Stealing Sheep.

Stealing Sheep - Wow Machine

“A specially commissioned project taking inspiration from the female pioneers of electronic music. The album features many of the early techniques of sampling, splicing, looping and reversing that revolutionised what was possible with electronics.”
Released on Both Sides Records, a label set up as part of the Brighter Sounds Gender Equality programme.

And then the aforementioned Regina Spektor. And then staying broadly in that style with the Piney Gir EP.

Piney Gir - Alchemy Hand EP

And then probably:

JB Dunckel - Carbon

One half of Air with this solo electronica.

And then we’ll see.



Akusmi - Fleeting Future
French instrumentalist, could secretly be Yann Tiersen for all I know. Really loved one of the beautiful singles, so am looking forward to listening to the rest.

Hatis Noit - Aura
Debut album from Japanese vocal performer, Hatis, "inspired by everything she could find from Gagaku - Japanese classical music - and operatic styles, Bulgarian and Gregorian chanting, to avant-garde and pop vocalists’.

Fountaindale - All Beauty Is Fiction
I don’t know anything about them/him, other than they released another album a couple of months ago. Still need to properly listen to that album along with this one. Deep voice slow sad songs.

Day Wave - Pastlife
Lo-fi atmospheric new wave influenced synth and guitar-based pop.

Bertrand Betsch - Souvenirs du Mali
More French instrumental sounds, I think influenced by the Cure, Joy Division, The Stranglers, Talking Heads and Brian Eno. but the description is all written in French, so maybe I’ve misinterpreted that.

Dylan Henner - Flues Of Forgotten Sands
Instrumental xylophone type dreamy music. Only the two tracks, but almost 38 minutes long.

Flying Moon In Space - Zwei
“A shape-shifting blend of driving Krautrock aesthetics, vivid psychedelic pop and techno-indebted electronics.”

Art d’Ecco - After The Head Rush
Named after Ecco The Dolphin. 80s style indie synth pop tunes.

Half Waif - Portraits EP
Four track piano version of some of her songs.

Damien Jurado - Reggae Film Star
His 18th album apparently. More nice sad songs I imagine.

Zola Jesus - Arkhon
New Zola album. I’ve not properly listened to an album of hers before I think, but have liked what I’ve heard so will give this a go.


Kibrom Birhane - Here and There

If there’s new Ethio-jazz then there’s no way I’m starting my day anywhere else. Birhane is Ethiopian born but U.S. based and is a member of the Ethio-Cali ensemble which counts Kamasi Washington amongst its extended family. This album sounds excellent so far, shaping up to be one of the best modern examples of the genre I’ve heard.


Ooh yes please

New album from Saor. Scottish atmospheric black metal.


Hollie Cook - Happy Hour

Sounding good so far this morning. A catchy mix of pop, soul, reggae and roots type influences:


Nyamekye Junction - Dasein

Debut EP from a trio from Burundi, Germany and Ghana, taking their name from a bustling junction in the Ghanaian capital Accra. Mellow and soulful synth-pop.


Really hope new Soccer Mommy is good as I was totally whelmed by her last album but I’d still be very keen to see her on this tour

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Linda Ayupuka - God Created Everything

Third on this morning’s whistle-stop tour of African music is this album of polyrhythmic electro-gospel from an artist from Bongoe Soe, in North Eastern Ghana, close to the border of Burkina Faso.


Highly recommend her previous band that sound like a neo-classical Mars Volta.

She was supposed to do vocals on a track of mine about a decade ago but unfortunately didn’t happen.

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Slick synth-pop from a trio signed to Phoebe Bridgers’s label.