New releases 25/02/22

What’s everyone got to round out an already ridiculously great month of releases?

Top picks for me:


Metal/industrial influenced shoegaze FFO Mitski, Jay Som

caroline - caroline

not heard a note but being described as influenced by midwest emo, Appalachian folk, minimalist classical and various forms of dance music - very intrigued

BAMBARA - Love On My Mind

Bleak noise/post-punk

Sevdaliza - Raving Dahlia EP

Avant/art pop FFO Self Esteem


The new Half Man Half Biscuit album


Deserta - Every Moment, Everything You Need

really lush gazy dreampop


Holodrum - Holodrum

This is my main event this week. Not sure whether it’s an album or EP - just 6 tracks, but 33 minutes. I don’t suppose that matters. What does matter is that this is disco-infused funky synth-pop from Leeds, by a 7 piece band featuring members of Hookworms, Yard Act, Cowtown, Virginia Wing, Drahla and more. For fans of Tom Tom Club.


Arny Margret - intertwined EP

My general bias is that anything cultural coming from Iceland is probably going to be amazing. That hasn’t always turned out to be true, but I do think this EP from Westfjords acoustic singer-songwriter Arny Margret is pretty great. Simple solo guitar and vocals, wistful and beautiful songs. For fans of Iceland, Icelandic stuff, anything remotely connected to Iceland even though you only went there that one fortnight eight years ago and honestly this is getting a bit embarrassing now.


String Machine - Hallelujah Hell Yeah
“expansive, maximalist indie-psych-folk”

Carson McHone - Still Life


Various Artists - Classic Productions by Surin Phaksiri 2: Molam Gems from the 1960s​-​80s

I do like a curio from the archives. Tipped off to this one by Jennifer Lucy Allen’s Quietus column. Here’s her description:

This is the second volume of molam bangers from Japanese label Em Records, collecting more tracks made by producer Surin Phaksiri between the 60s and the 80s. The distinctive sound of molam comes mostly from the khaen, a set of reed bamboo pipes in the form of a mouth organ. Multiple pipes are blown at once, and its sound – sometimes like a glorious multiphonic train horn coming down the tracks, at others like an electronic instrument – is what defines the brightness of molam tracks. Its puttering rhythms and brittle neon sound have an inbuilt loudness, and with the khaen, nothing else sounds like molam.


Holodrum and this for me:


Belgian post rock. Mates with AmenRa.

A total rip off of Kiasmos but since they haven’t released anything in years :man_shrugging:t2:

Some post hardcore

This February had been insane for new music


Huerco S - Plonk

First album in 6 years - switches tack from house and groggy ambient touchstones to a more glassy, iridescent palette of juked electrosoul and chamber-like paradigms.


Let’s not pretend we’re not all going to have a little go on the new Avril Lavigne album


Oh nice, been looking forward to that Caroline album.


박지하 Park Jiha – The Gleam

New album from the Korean composer on the theme of light, featuring instruments that, to me at least, are fairly unknown: piri, saenghwang, yanggeum, and glockenspiel. The preview tracks have been amazing and this is a beautiful listen as I sit here drinking my coffee with the sun slowly rising in the window.


First busy week of the year for me. Along with Bambara and HMHB I’ll be checking out

Binker and Moses part of the new wave of British jazz. Can’t remember how they sound to give a more accurate description. I think they’re on the more laid back side

Melt Yourself Down more new British jazz, this time on the dancier side

Will also check out the new Hammerfall for a laugh. Ridiculous, overblown Power Metal I was into briefly in my teens. Doubt I’ll get more than two tracks in before I can’t stands no more


Was convinced that @mouth_breather had done a wrong description of SASAMI, then I was convinced that maybe there were two SASAMI’s after that first track. Will need to have a proper listen to see if the heavier direction is for me! Will also be listening to the Caroline, BAMBARA, and Sevdaliza releases. and Park Jiha too. and these lot below. busy day!

Keeley Forsyth - Limbs
Most likely some more haunting kind of songs.

Emily Wells - Regards To The End
An amazing one woman band looping and performing everything herself when she plays live.
The album has a “deliberate strata of vocals, synths, drums, piano, string instruments (violin, cello, bass), and wind instruments (clarinet, flute, French horn). The music is numinous in part because the listening experience is a resoundingly bodied one. Life - unsanitary, beautiful, persistent, brief - swells inside of every note.”

Black Sea Dahu - I Am My Mother
Swiss band making ‘mysterious and aesthetic indie folk’, now with added strings and orchestration. Sounds like an improvement upon their previous album, and surprisingly one of the albums I might listen to pretty early on today.

Federico Albanese - Before And Now Seems Infinite
Italian composer, influenced by soul, jazz, electronic, modern and contemporary classical music. Has Maricka Hackman and Ghostpoet singing on a track each.

Basia Bulat - The Garden
Three-time Polaris Music Prize finalist. “a new album that reimagines songs across her five studio albums with stunning classical string quartet arrangements by Owen Pallett, Paul Frith, and Zou Zou Robidoux”

King Hannah - I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me
Liverpool duo with their debut album released on City Slang. apparently making music ‘that lives somewhere between the gorgeously meditative pop of Yo La Tengo, and the beautiful drama of Sharon Van Etten, the latter of which gave them a cosign for their 2020 EP’.

DakhaBrakha/Bedouin - The Bedouin Reworks Of DakhaBrakha
Four remixes/reworks of DakhaBrakha songs. I love DakhaBrakha, and I felt so happy/lucky to see them play live last month with their beautiful strange Ukranian sounds. They were due to have a tour in America next month, which they’ve just announced won’t go ahead for obvious reasons.

GENTS - Souvenir
Danish synthy-pop duo.

Ida Wenoe & Samantha Whates - Turn EP
Nice little duety acoustic EP.


New EP from extremely prolific electronic producer Kareem Ali. Tbf he’s never released anything less than lovely and this certainly sounds lovely already just 30 seconds in.


Big day today! My copy of Caroline arrived yesterday, and it is really fantastic stuff.

Lining up Keeley Forsyth, Sasami and King Hannah for today too.

Will get the playlist emptied out shortly.

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King Hannah for me. They are a bit like Mazzy Star on steroids. Great live band as well.


DiS New Release collab playlist emptied and ready for filling. Thanks folks!

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Tears For Fears - The Tipping Point

First new album for many years, the title track is gorgeous.

Conway The Machine - God Don’t Make Mistakes

First official album on Shady Records from the elder of Griselda’s 3 Kings.