New releases 25/02/22

Tears For Fears - The Tipping Point

First new album for many years, the title track is gorgeous.

Conway The Machine - God Don’t Make Mistakes

First official album on Shady Records from the elder of Griselda’s 3 Kings.


New single from SPICE (feat. members of Ceremony & Creative Adult)


Very much looking forward to that King Hannah album, loved their EP a while ago and the preview tracks from this.

Also curious about caroline, so shall be checking that out.


Blimey, lots today. Hopefully have the Caroline LP turning up today which I’ve been looking forward to since I saw them last year, and other than that have Hologram, String Machine, Keeley Forsyth and Tears for Fears lined up from this thread. Feb going out strong.

Well obviously.

Blood Incantation - Timewave Zero
Looking forward to this, cosmic death metallers have recorded an ambient sci fi inspired album apparently heavily influenced by John Carpenter, Gong etc.

FFO: old sci fi movie soundtracks, Warhammer 40k artwork, ancient aliens theories


NOBRO - Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar

Glorious sugary punk pop 20 minute blast ffo PUP, Fidlar etc


Caroline is extremely good.

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Got King Hannah on now… Preferred the ep tracks to the album tracks when I saw them back in October but that may have been cos I was more familiar with them. We shall see. Sounds good so far

FFS! That’s 12 albums I’ve bookmarked to listen to today. No way I’m going to get through them all.

That is a lot of new music.


This is great!

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Interested in the Bambara album, really liked Stray, so hoping for good things. 6 tracks seems a bit short though, more of an EP. Oh well, the two songs I’ve heard from it are great.

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yeah I’m not complaining per se, but absolutely didn’t need a new 10 albums dropped on my plate today!

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Homeboy Sandman - There In Spirit

Nice Hip-Hop album/ep on Mello Music Group.


Plus we’ve still got the @Octobadger batch of albums to be announced yet!


Oh shit yeah, looking forward to this.

The final track from the expanded edition is out today ahead of its release next week. This one is a gut punch ballad

Hamid El Shaeri - Habibi Funk 018: The SLAM! Years (1983 - 1988)

Latest from the ever-interesting Habibi Funk, this collection of Hamid El Shaeri’s Egyptian synth disco pop from the 80s.


Looking forward to when the new Savage Mansion album finally makes it on to BandCamp this morning!


Blue Lab Beats - Motherland Journey

Few acts encapsulate the breadth of what’s been happening in London’s jazz and neo-soul worlds as well as Blue Lab Beats. The joint project of producer NKOK and multi-instrumentalist Mr DM has been fizzing away in the underground for half a decade now, helping to further blur the lines between jazz, soul, Afrobeat, hip hop and electronica.