New Releases 25/09/20

Slept like shit last night and I blame in part my excitement about the new Deftones album…

And what else should I have been losing sleep over?


Based on the all thoughts fly track… this is gonna be a good one…


Really stacked week. Just listening to Sufjan.

Looking forward to new ones from Lydia Loveless and Sylvan Esso.

There’s a new Mint Field album. Shoegazing type stuff from Mexico.


Bob Mould, Sufjan and Deftones. Could be a good day this.

Didn’t realise Sufjan was out, will have a listen to that and Idles later.

Also see how much of the SOTT stuff has been put on Spotify.

Deftones, plus

Svalbard - melodic post hardcore, for fans of Holy Fawn, Rollo Tomassi, maybe heavier Pumpkins and Mew (on this track at least).

The Ocean - progressive metal, singles have been excellent

The Menzingers have an acoustic version of their decent but horribly produced imo last album out. (Emo punk indie rock)

Bob Mould new album, his last one was ace (and feels like it was only released a few weeks ago) so looking forward to this

Public Enemy, Idles, Action Bronson, Sufjan, Fleet Foxes… Busy week


Some excellent releases today on my 3 favourite electronica labels, on top of all the other good stuff

Disintegration State with this epic from @SunnyB, so bloody good

Bricolage with this from Manchester artist Sarmism. Not heard it yet but at the start of the year @Twinkletoes and I caught him live and O.M.G. if it’s anything like that it’s gonna be a good’un

And See Blue Audio with this from f5point6. Very very good, described as cinematic ambience


Oh good shout on the Ocean!

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New album from Hen Ogledd - the mighty Richard Dawson’s wonky synth pop band.


Happy Ascension day everybody! Can’t wait to delve into the new Sufjan

Then also Idles, Sylvan Esso and Roisin Murphy (although I can’t see the latter on streaming yet)

I love sufjan but, imo, 80 minutes is generally far too long for an album. Will give it a spin later though.


Pillow Queens debut is out today!


Listened to half of this while I couldn’t sleep this morning, seems like something special and strange, excited to dig into it more.

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That’s a lot of new music today :hushed::heart_eyes:


So much today! Will definitely be listening to Sufjan and Sylvan Esso later.

But my first listen has been Noiserv, who is one of my favourite artists. I love his voice so much. And beautiful music too. This is his first album in Portuguese but it’s still lovely despite not knowing what he’s singing this time.

I think I also have another five new albums to check out, but will listen and post later.

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A lot of releases I want to hear today;

The Ocean - Phanerozoic II
Bob Mould - Blue Hearts
Svalbard - When I Die Will I Get Better
Deftones - Ohms
IDLES - Ultra Mono

including a couple of black metal releases -

UADA - Djinn
Dwarrowdelf - Evenstar
Teratolith - Eclipse

A lot of listening to do this weekend!

There was something I was really looking forward to coming out today but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. I’m watching this thread hoping its going to get a mention to jog my memory, if it doesn’t then it will just drive me crazy all weekend.


Is Svalbard actually out today? Thought the Holy Roar shenanigans had delayed it.

Public Enemy album is pretty good, got Thurston Moore and Bob Mould lined up next.

What he said.

The Sunbane album is probably the most ambitious work we’ve put out on Disintegration State. It’s monunental.