New Releases 25/11/2022

Right thread this time…

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(Another) Ambient collab between two masters


Big fan of the Duke.

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Jamie Lenman - The Atheist
Alt Rock

Former REUBEN frontman on his 4th solo album


This is fantastic, exactly the kind of stuff I find really cozy around this time of year. Big fan.

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Instrumental black metal

Peter Broderick - Piano Works Vol 1

Some very pretty solo piano/modern composition based on recordings from a book of sheet music he also published a few years ago.


Läuten der Seele - Die Mariengrotte als Trinkwasseraufbereitungsanlage
What a title! Two tracks, lasting twenty minutes each. I’m just going to quote what @octobadger posted/quoted about an earlier album of theirs this year:

German ambient folk puppeteer Christian Schoppik with a richly textured assemblage of deconstructed samples snipped from German 1950s movie music. Subtly nostalgic and crudely magical, it’s a rare observation of 20th century Deutsche cultural history coated in a thin film of hauntological dust. Think Basinski, Marsen Jules, or Wolfgang Voigt/Gas, merged with The Focus Group or Moon Wiring Club.

Les Big Byrd - Eternal Light Brigade
Swedish psychedelic indie rock.

Tim Linghaus - Yurusu
Nice little piano tunes.

Kaae & Batz - Helsinki Syndrome Original Soundtrack
Sleep Party People chap and someone else, instrumental soundtrack type affair.


Farewell Horizontal - “TALES OF WOAH”

“Tales of Woah”, the fourth album from Aussie lo-fi indie rock duo Farewell Horizontal, contains ten songs about existential crises, old computer games, cynicism, voyeur landlords, sellouts, having a cold in summer, the struggles of the DIY artist, and arseholes who live by the sea.

Has a song called “Don’t Give Up (Unless You’re Shit)”.

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The Artist Is Irrelevant - Post-Pandemic Haze
Portuguese (I think) instrumentalist. Nice space-sounding synhty warm electronica.

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Thank you. Love Reuben and his solo stuff. Had no idea a new one was out


Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something - Miffed

DIY punky indie rock (or “cosmonaut hauntologist rock trio” according to their press. Remind me a bit of No Doubt, but less slickly produced. Maybe it’s just that Jemma Freeman’s voice reminds me of Gwen Stefani’s. I like this, whatever it is.

On their second full-length album, Miffed, Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something drive further down into the eccentric, day-glo psych-punk of their debut, once again taking a maximalist approach to form and genre to create a record of searing, Led Zeppelin-like force.

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Nice one. Had no idea they had a new one coming. Their first album was great

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Roy Montgomery - Camera Melancholia

Haven’t heard it yet, but Boomkat describe it as:

“A sad but hopeful dedication to tr NZ legend’s long-term partner, who died in 2021. Partly made up of Montgomery’s customary shimmering guitar material and partly an elegiac, organ-led ode to the afterlife, it’s music that deals with loss in a surprisingly unique manner”.

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No Windows - Fish Boy EP

Edinburgh teenage duo, hazy lo-fi shoegaze pop. Some early Youth Lagoon, some Elvis Depressedly, that sorta vibe - very promising

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Acre Memos - A Collection Of Bird Songs
Sounds a bit like Phosphorescent. Has Lomelda guesting on four of the tracks. FFO: Phosphorescent and Lomelda.

Ok, this is lovely. Definitely going to be near the top end of my November top 5 list.

Wiki, MIKE, The Alchemist - One More

EP of MIKE and Wiki trading winding bars over classic Alchemist beats - soulful but punchy

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Richard Dawson last week’s favourite, Weyes Blood takes second then Gladie and Sarah Davachi in third.

What did you enjoy this week?

  • 36 - Stasis Sounds for Long-Distance Space Travel II
  • Acre Memos - A Collection Of Bird Songs
  • Albertine Sarges - Family of Things
  • Alien Nosejob - Stained Glass
  • Andrew Wasylyk - Hearing the Water before Seeing the Falls
  • Blanck Mass - Gazza
  • Brainwaltzera - Medal Headz
  • Cameio - Mecanicalibre
  • Daniel Vangarde - The Vaults of Zagora Records Mastermind
  • David Bowie - Divine Symmetry
  • dgohn - Portus
  • duke garwood - Rogues Gospel
  • Elder - Innate Passage
  • Elspeth Anne - Mercy Me
  • Farewell Horizontal - “TALES OF WOAH”
  • Fieval is Glauque - Flaming Swords
  • Franky Wah - This Is SHÈN
  • Frostnatt - Dette Stedet Kjenner Bare Kulden
  • Gaye Su Akyol - Anadolu Ejderi
  • Jamie Lenman - The Atheist
  • Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something - Miffed
  • Josefus Haze - Bough EP
  • Kaae & Batz - Helsinki Syndrome Original Soundtrack
  • KALOA - Enso
  • Läuten der Seele - Die Mariengrotte als Trinkwasseraufbereitungsanlage
  • Les Big Byrd - Eternal Light Brigade
  • Linkwood - Stereo
  • LIONꓘKLASH - Sanzman D’Akor
  • Nate08 - Furaha
  • No Windows - Fish Boy EP
  • Peter Broderick - Piano Works Vol 1
  • Rival Schools - United by Fate
  • Roy Montgomery - Camera Melancholia
  • Run Logan Run - Nature Will Take Care Of You
  • Stormzy - This Is What I Mean
  • The Artist Is Irrelevant - Post-Pandemic Haze
  • The Cure - Wish (30th Anniversary Edition)
  • The Smith Street Band - Life After Football
  • Tim Linghaus - Yurusu
  • Various Artists - fabric Selects I
  • Waajeed - Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz
  • Wiki, MIKE, The Alchemist - One More
  • Work Money Death - Thought, Action, Reaction, Interaction

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Fievel Is Glauque - Flaming Swords - LP - Jazz Fusion
Jump all over the place fusion but where all the tracks are less than 3 min long. Talented and fun listen.

Basement Membrane - Punk Funk - LP - Funk
Up tempo funk, you can hear the smile on their faces playing this; really good fun.

ideism - object, subject - LP - Fusion Beats
Had this on in the background for the week, although the tracks are uptempo they are easy to work to and have enough going on to not get dull.