New Releases - 25/5/2018

Always like it when these threads start a bit early, so I know what to get excited for tomorrow. Thought I would jump on it.

Personally anxious for the Chvrches album, feel like it’s going to be not-good but will listen all the same.

Svalbard- Probably much more promising raging melodic hardcore type stuff

Pusha T’s album/EP whatever. No real details but have a feeling it’s going to be good. Excited for a hiphop record which isn’t some bloated stream-whoring thing.

Surgeon- Another album from the techno legend, guessing this is out tomorrow because I’ve seen a bunch of reviews this week. All sound promising.

Jenny Hval new EP- I loved Blood Bitch at the time but never really went back? Still, excited for more.

A$AP Rocky- Never cared for this guy before but the FKA Twigs feature has my attention. Her first new music since Good To Love?? Just glad to see she’s active. Also interested in the Frank Ocean features.

Baptists should also be good, ugly hardcore with a noise rock streak

Wayfarer FFO atmospheric US black metal. Reminds me of Cobalt because it’s very American, but less angry. Very good.

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Just Dear Nora and Jenny Hval for me.

(Big fan of how there’s a few regulars in a sort of weird passive-aggressive battle to start these threads earlier and earlier. Sort of the football threads of the music board).


Wooden Shjips


Think that Traceyanne and Danny album is out, initial signs are that it will be quite good

Complete with musical anti-bants


Looking forward to Svalbard. The two singles have been great

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Sooooooooo very poor so I reckon it’ll be the chvrches album only for me. Last week was such a mega week that I’ve not fully absorbed all that good stuff so I don’t feel as though I’m missing out on loads.

Hatchie - Sugar and Spice ep (Australian dream pop stuff on double double whammy records)
Jenny Hval ep

That’s about it

Opinions on the Chvrches album actually seem really polarised so I’m trying to keep an open mind. Will hopefully be good because I really enjoyed the other 2 even though I was kind of disappointed with EOE at first.

except discussion of scottish music is allowed


Yeah I’m not too crazy about the Chvrches album on first listen (quite like one or two songs and Miracle before it goes all Imagine Dragons). I hope the current trend of labels forcing their acts to work with co-writers stops (see the new Grimes album and the last St Vincent one), it just end up diluting their identity/sound for me.

Might jump on Wooden Shijps, didn’t know about ASAP Rocky or Pusha T so will probably give those a listen.

Intrigued by this, a re-release of 60s garage rock and proto punk from New Zealand, couple of big names there but not with their most obvious tunes:

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This album rules - by the way!!

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Great informative opening post. That’s how it’s done.

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Spotify release radar was the first I knew about Actress and the London Contemporary Orchestra - LAGEOS out today, based on the Barbican shows from 2016. Sounding pretty special so far.

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It’s all about Kamaal Willams for me today. That London jazz scene is putting out some of the most exciting music around right now in my eyes and the Youssef Kamaal album was fantastic.

There’s also a new Parliament album out. I don’t have high expectations for it but I’m Gonna Make You Sick of Me was a surprisingly decent single

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Not sure we needed that Yeezy verse but this is great

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Will give the halo maud album a go after the Norman records review - the comparison of can collaborating with blonde redhead has made me interested there. Also, wooden shjips as mentioned above.

Near Future - Ideal Home is first up for me this week.

Particularly ‘British’ dystopian synth-art-pop thing by Neil Arthur from Blancmange and Bernholz, who makes similar stuff by himself and also performs in Gazelle Twin’s band. Really good so far on first listen.

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