New releases 25/8

It’s that time of the week!

Started off my day with Second Storey - Lucid Locations
Late 90s IDM vibe. It’s fine, not hitting the heights of an Ekoplekz though.

Warp have re-issued B12’s seminal Electro-Soma plus a whole album’s worth of old B12 tracks so I’ll give that a spin next.

What’s on your stereos, gang?

I’m gonna start with Liars, and then see what this thread throws up.

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Downloaded The War On Drugs, EMA, Iron & Wine, Nadine Shah and Widowspeak just after midnight for today’s and weekend listening. TWOD is ok on first listen but just doesn’t grab me, a 7/10

Enjoying EMA; currently on my earphones now as I type this before starting work. Looking forward to Nadine Shah’s album too.

Blue Chips 7000


Started my day here with Blackpool’s very own Jack Cooper (Sandgrown) - of Mazes and Ultimate Painting. Nice if you like the latter, the Clientele and/or the Proper Ornaments. Enjoyed this, and will be on rotation this weekend.

Then off to Nadine Shah (Holiday Destination), where she ramps up the political commentary, but potentially to the detriment of the musical side? Possibly? Not sure yet that this hits prior heights, but perhaps it is a grower and I need more time with it? Will duly give; she deserves it.

Tried a few others, but so far nothing else has stuck. Felt Iron & Wine (Beast Epic) a little too Radio 2-ish. Perhaps Sam always has been, and it is just me who’s changed. But then again … And still don’t ‘get’ War on Drugs.

And currently listening to Widowspeak (Expect the Best), and think that might be one that sticks. A little reminiscent vocally of Hope Sandoval, but a heavier sound than her solo stuff or Mazzy Star. This band is new to me, and yeah, actually I am liking this. Another for weekend rotation.

So far, a good week!

Just catching up with the Oh Sees release from last week at the moment but will be blaring A Deeper Understanding and Beast Epic over the office speakers at some point throughout the day. Dead excited for the new Liars album too. Will report back!

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Just finished my first listen of the new Liars album, really impressed. Will definitely be listening a lot in the coming weeks I reckon.

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Ooo new Hype Williams. Giving it a spin

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I didn’t get my hopes up for Liars (don’t ask me why) but it’s really fucking good.

After quite liking the QOTSA singles I have come to the conclusion that the album is pish.

Got Hype Williams lined up next.

I think I’m over the Hype Williams aesthetic :frowning: Hope you like it though!

The new War On Drugs is fantastic, gave it a few listens yesterday & will be rinsing it over the weekend.
Just on the new Liars now, sounds great so far.
Also looking forward to new Widowspeak.

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Just Iron & Wine and maybe Widowspeak of interest to me this week, unless this thread throws up something else. I like the I&W already, though it isn’t quite up with his earlier stuff on first listen.

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Forgot about the Iron & Wine album… and just realised that there’s an EMA album today as well.
That’s 5 new albums now queued up.
Best day of new releases in a long time.

had qotsa and ema for a while, and qotsa is better than i first thought

ema is great too

It’s not great is it

Listening to the new Turnover album. They’ve gone fully boring. Sounds like an even wetter version of Real Estate.

Really enjoyed Liars… definitely be getting repeat listens

Not so much QOTSA… maybe give it a couple more in case I’ve been too hasty

Now on to War on Drugs then probably Oh Sees


4 bangers out of 9. Not too bad, will add them to the playlist. The rest strikes me as filler but it might grow on me. Probably not. Just don’t think they do ballads/slow ones very well, they’re not overly interesting.

I really liked the singles though, and I’m one of those freaks who really like Era Vulgaris and quite a bit of Like Clockwork…

Like Clockwork is legit great though. This is just ‘OK’