🦞 🆕 New Releases 25 Aug 23 🆕 🦞

Ratboys - The Window

5th album from the Chicagoans. Their reckless indie rock touches on everything from grunge to fuzzy power pop to americana. Black Earth, WI is probably my song of the year, a 9 minute long meandering thing. Lovely.


Cave live was boring me, Grandaddy is like a hug from an old friend. Love it.

Anna Mabo - danke, gut
It’s been a quiet August for me up until today, but this is a lovely album I’ve just finished listening to. Austrian artist, singing in German. Quirky voice, upbeat lo-fi alt/anti-folk, with this album being a collection of songs about shy sailors, death-yearning Pyrene tourists and neighbors who would also like to get a package sent to them.
Looking forward to listening to it again already.

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New ep from Warrington Runcorn New Town Development Plan

ffo: Craven Faults, Pye Corner Audio etc


Sundarbans - Polifonias Modernas
Mexican synthy husband and wife duo from Mexico, inspired by the sound of bands like Stereolab, Yellow Magic Orchestra and electronic music of the seventies. The second song sounds like early Air.


Spellling - The Mystery School

Experimental pop, think she has re-recorded some older songs with her current band. The Turning Wheel was incredible so excited for this (especially a new version of Boys at School).


Crooks & Nannies - Real Life

Duo from Philly release their second record today. Arty indie rock.

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Cindy Wilson - Realms

Electro-pop. Second solo album for Cindy from the B-52s.

Wreckless Eric - Leisureland

New wave stalwart, “Greatest Living Englishman” according to Marc Riley, and one hit wonder (with Whole Wide World). His later work has contained some good stuff, especially lyrically.

Fay Victor - Blackity Black Black Is Beautiful

Experimental jazz-electro with spoken word. From what I’ve heard so far, I reckon this could be a good un.

Vallis Alps - Cleave

Chilled synthpop by Canberra sibling duo.

Dabda - Yonder

South Korean mathy indie rock EP.

This is Lorelei - EP #33

Nate from Water in Your Eyes (excellent album from them out earlier this year) with this solo lo-fi indie EP.

MAINES - Sometimes We Live

Punk from Conwy (North Wales).


Nina Tormenta - Las Cosas Lento
Chilean artist, very delicate and hushed sleepy songs with ukulele and strings. Quite lovely.


Saccades - Land Of The Hearth
synths and good times… accompanied by dreamy vocals and carefree guitars, a bit Radio Dept-esque. FAO: @Petagno, as this is one half of The KVB, and you appear to be a fan.


Mason Jennings - Underneath The Roses
Laid back americana indie folk.

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tor - halfling (single)

Tor Maries aka Billy Nomates is planning to put demos and unfinished bits and bobs up on Bandcamp (name your price) every Friday for a while. This is the first.

Not all up on Bandcamp yet, but new Celestial Sanctuary (UK death metal) is out today.

Got Perect Saviors on, my vinyl copy is still somewhere in the Netherlands, and it sounds brilliant. Had no idea there was a new Open Mike Eagle record, loved the one before the last so may check it out.


Anish Kumar - A Mixtape by Anish Kumar

Hooky dance music. The Little Miss Dynamite track has been knocking around for a couple of years and got some Radio 1 support. Nobody Else Will Do is also a banger.


Galun - Glagol

Tallinn-based producer with an album of ambient experiments mostly based around samples and loops of his own voice (which is a lot better than in probably sounds).

Highly recommended.

Prince Josh - Moth

Second solo album from Toronto producer. Summery tracks reminiscent of mid-90s Ninja Tune and Mo’ Wax releases.

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Quite enjoyed the Drab Majesty EP. Tracks went Cure - Durutti Column - Slowdive - Durutti Column again in that order for me.


and a bunch of EPs now, although a couple are 30 minutes long, so good value for money.

Hunter As A Horse - The Lost Tapes EP
I loved an EP of theirs from back in 2016, so it’s great to have them back. Very cinematic dark and brooding indie/synth songs - really enjoying the second track at the moment, The Train.

Ordop Wolkenscheidt - Requiem For The Enchanted Forest
Danish experimental instrumental artist. “Draws on downtempo, psych rock, ambient electronica and synthwave and tells stories of space exploration, dream theft, time travel, and dystopian futures”

Sea Lemon - Stop At Nothing
“bubbly dream pop underlined by a subtle snarl.”

Lutalo - AGAIN
lo-fi indie folk.
Laura Snapes on the Guardian tells me they are a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Minnesota [and] is a cousin by marriage to Adrianne Lenker, and Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes is a fan.

Think today’s releases have already been better than the whole of August for me!

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Tenderlonious - You Know I Care

Tenderlonious enters fresh album territory with his latest offering entitled, ‘You Know I Care’. Having released several solo projects, numerous collaborations and a series of LP’s, EP’s and singles with his band Ruby Rushton that centred on original compositions, he wanted to take a moment to focus his energy on exploring the classic jazz material that has inspired him over the years.


Been looking forward to the Lutalo record for ages, folks should definitely check it.