New Releases 26 Aug 22

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Let’s Turn It Into Sound

New one from LA-based synth composer.

Julia Jacklin - PRE PLEASURE

Australian singer’s follow-up to excellent 2019 breakthrough ‘Crushing’.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry - King Scratch

40 track retrospective one-year on from the dub legend’s death.

Pantha du Prince - Garden Gaia

Latest one from German techno producer, composer and conceptual artist.

What else have we got?


Stella Donnelly - Flood

Julia Jacklin as well. Good day :australia:

EDIT - new Babehoven single @rich-t


A couple of Hip-Hop albums for me…

Roc Marciano & The Alchemist - The Elephant Man’s Bones

Quite simply one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year on the underground hip-hop scene.

Meyhem Lauren & Daringer - Black Vladimir

Although not as hyped as the album above I’m looking forward to this one. Expect a smooth flow delivering raps littered with food references over classic sounding but new boom-bap beats, with features from Action Bronson, Conway, Westside Gunn and more.


Yeah, new Babehoven is lovely. Looking forward to the album

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And of course…


Pianos Become The Teeth

Fifth album from the Baltimore emo (?) crew, first since 2018, and I’m super excited to spin it.


New Tropical Fuck Storm EP.


Put this on on the drive to work and it was lovely



Yup, first two albums were screamo, then they’ve chilled out a bit. My favourite band!

Ezra Thurman for me. New songs sounded fantastic live the other night…


Stella Donnelly and Altered Images for me.

Thoughtcrimes - Altered Pasts Billy Rymer (Dillinger Escape Plan) started this band as a side project but since he quit his day job, I guess this is what he’s doing now.

I was going to be struggling to find five albums from this month that I really liked, now I might be having the problem of limiting them to five. In addition to Julia Jacklin and Stella Donnelly, I have this lot:

Jerome - Miniere - La Melodie, Le fleuve Et La Nuit
The first of a few French artists today. I just came across him last night, and am loving the songs I’ve heard so far. Lovely French orchestral indie pop.

Teen Suicide - Honeybee Table At The Butterfly Feast
New release on Run For Cover Records. alt-indie. I’ve only heard the Get High, Breathe Underwater song so far, which I love. Hope the rest is as good.

Thanya Iyer - Rest EP
New Thanya EP. Her album from a couple of years ago was great, and this is more of the same dreamy sounding songs, but fewer tracks this time.

Pomme - Consolation
French singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist. Had released a track with Aurora earlier in the year. Lovely sounding French singing and orchestration.

UTO - Touch The Lock
Debut album from French duo. Nice catchy electro-pop. Maybe not a million miles away from The Dø, unless that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Gwilym Gold - Blue Garden
Nice sparse stripped down songs, maybe one for repeated listens.

Rachika Nayar - Heaven Come Crashing
‘Cinematic electronic maximalism… the album charts a luminescent space between 5am warehouse raves and the urban freeways of its cover image’. Has a couple of tracks with Maria BC.

Moritz Fasbender - 13 Rabbits
neo-classical Hauschka-style piano instrumentals, ‘hypnotic experiments in pattern and repitition’. I like that her first track is called Three Armed Men At The Foot Of My Bed and the last track is called Three Armed Men Leaving My House.

Let’s Whisper - The In-Between Times
Let’s Whisper started off as a duo, and have recently added someone from The Essex Green and Emma Kupa, and produced by Ladybug Transistor chap. For fans of Hefner/Darren Hayman maybe.

Vinyl Williams - Cosmopolis
Shoegaze/dream pop/soft rock/ambient music/sunshine pop apparently.

Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird - Smiles Of Earth
Aussie horn-filled generally upbeat indie pop.

Benoit & Sergio
European/US duo, low beat warm dance music.

Oehl - Keine Blumen
German synthy indie-poppy. might be a bit too poppy though.


Turns out it’s a bumper day Hip-hop wise…

Declaime & Madlib - In The Beginning vol. 02

JID - The Forever Story


Gently Tender - Take Hold Of Your Promise!

Three former members of Palma Violets plus the Big Moon’s Celia Archer and guitarist Adam Brown, I’m very much enjoying this debut album of soulful indie rock by Gently Tender. Touch of Future Islands about them maybe (might just be Sam Fryer’s slightly theatrical baritone giving me that idea).

Yanna Momina - Afar Ways

This is good, the 10th release in Glitterbeat’s “Hidden Musics” series, showcasing Yanna Momina’s unique voice and the music of the Afar people, recorded live in a Djibouti stilt-hut.

Born in 1948, Yanna was discovered while accompanied on a two-string shingle played with nails and a matchbox for maracas. She made a name in the region not just for her thrilling vibrato, but for being the rare Afar woman who writes her own songs.

Goat - World Music (10th Anniversary Remaster)

Remastered 10th anniversary release of the mysterious Swedish psych-rock collective’s debut album.

FLOSSING - World of Mirth EP

New York’s Heather Elle (ex of Bodega, The Wants) with this synthy post-punk (maybe not post-punk, it’s poppier than that) EP. It’s good whatever it is.

Diamanda Galás - Broken Gargoyles

Scary noises.

The Quietus review puts it a bit more eloquently, albeit less succinctly:

Broken Gargoyles makes most contemporary black metal, edgelord power electronics or exploring-feminity-through-witchcraft-wailers (there are a lot of Fisher Price Diamandas around at the moment) sound like they’re auditioning for a role in a local production of an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Diamanda Galás has produced not only one of her finest works, but a record that is equal and arguably surpasses other records that have the capacity to swallow you whole and spit you out that have been released in the past decade or so – Sunn O)))’s Monoliths & Dimensions, Scott Walker’s Bish Bosch, for instance. No other new record you’ll hear in 2022 so beautifully explores the limits of what the human voice is able to do, and the stories it is able to give life to while doing so. A masterpiece.

Li Yilei - Secondary Self

Just heard one track so far, but enjoyed that bit of experimental sound art and will be checking the rest out. Decent review in Loud and Quiet

Mimi Roman - First of the Brooklyn Cowgirls

Mimi Roman nearly but didn’t quite make the big time as a country singer in the 50s and 60s. This is a collection of previously unreleased demos, radio, and TV performances and recordings sourced from 78rpm acetate discs in Roman’s personal collection. I really like this, the songs are good, she has a great voice and I like that this release includes little snippets of MC and radio intros and awkward interviews at talent shows to sort of tell the story of her nearly but not quite fame.

Also, the previously mentioned Let’s Whisper, Stella Donnelly and Julia Jacklin.


Jacklin, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Stella Donnely, Muse, and this for me today:


Soft Captain - ST
Manuel Gagneux from Zeal & Ardor has a yacht rock album out. I mean… :man_shrugging:

Rival Consoles - El Caso Figo

It’s a soundtrack so I’m expecting more chilled electronica


A Blondie 3 disc box set of unreleased tracks, demos and B sides.

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Loved this. Really great.

Anyone listened to Benoit & Sergio yet? I want it to be good, but the singles left me a bit cold so I’m too scared to listen to it….

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A few I’m interested in today.

Indigenous/Native American black metal

French blackened hardcore/crust

Twinkly ambient/atmospheric/blackgaze

Canadian atmo black

Another side project from Ayloss the guy behind Spectral Lore