New Releases 26 Aug 22

Yep, another vote for this, which is really good and would’ve passed me by otherwise, thanks!


Like what I’ve heard of Rachika Nayar so far. Elements of early m83 and hammock

this is the big one for me. finally!

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also this one from these rotterdam guys

apparently sounds a bit like gabber modus operandi, that’s good enough for me


Let me know what it’s like……

Sounds pretty different to a lot of their stuff and i need to give it another listen through but the 2nd last track (black cloth) is stunning

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Thee Sacred Souls - ST

Debut album of retro 70s soul.

Mach-Hommy - Dollar Menu 4

I assume this is another old release that’s finally made it to streaming. Always welcome new Mach.

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The Lounge Society - Tired Of Liberty

Debut album by the promising West Yorkshire post-punkers. On Speedy Wunderground.


Opening track is a killer. I can see why you’re hesitant to say post-punk. Changes sound a bit over the four tracks. I’m intrigued, but gee the prices on her bandcamp page are a bit rich. £4 for two tracks in some cases.

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Wow yeah, surely some mistake with this one:

$7 for a single and a remix of that single?!

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Avante Garde metal

Nice bit of early 90s grunge worship, better than this type of thing usually is

This is good to great :+1:

Recitals - Orbit I

This is a bit of all right. 7 piece from New Zealand. Genre-wise it veers from folkier stuff into indie and more experimental bits. Mainly guitary with some judicious use of trumpet and cello.

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Anything like Caroline from earlier in the year?

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Doesn’t really remind me of that one, maybe the odd track. Think the Caroline one was a bit more delicate, had a bit more space than this one. Definitely a bigger guitar sound going on in the Recitals one.

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SR9 Trio - Deja Vu
French percussionist trio, who decided to make a cover album of various pop artists, using the marina instead of guitars and electronic instruments, and inviting French vocalists like Camile, Malik Djoudi, and Camelia Jordana. Covering songs from Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande, Lana del Ray and other such artists I don’t listen to. Sounds good!

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Not listened to them since day of the dog and the one after, didn’t like the latter. How’s the new one? Loved dotd

Scrambling desperately to get back on track with the weekly releases, but a day like this didn’t help - genuinely dozens of records already posted that I’m interested in. I did have a couple that haven’t been covered yet:

Minyeshu - Netsa

Ethiopian singer who cites Ethiojazz legend Mulatu Astatke as a major inspiration, but there is a bit more of a pop almost cabaret vibe here over the obvious musical influence of such a figurehead.

Theo Croker Quartet & Berliner Philharmoniker- Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic: Sketches of Miles

Great jazz trumpeter and his band plus the best orchestra in the world playing pieces by the greatest jazz trumpeter.

Matthew Halsall - The Temple Within

As if to bring together my previous two links, here’s another great jazz trumpeter with an EP influenced by Ethiojazz, but also Japanese music and the spiritual jazz of Alice Coltrane.

Laufey - Everything I Know About Love

Beautifully orchestrated, gently jazzy pop songs.

Chris Forsyth - Evolution here We Come

Heady, Television-esque multi-guitar jams played with motorik precision … pulsing bass, curiously lurching drumbeat, and lunar synth squiggling of Sun Ra Arkestra maestro Marshall Allen … evoke Remain in Light without sounding remotely like it … an openness to the whole thing that feels almost like a dub record, … contributions throughout come from Darkside’s Dave Harrington, who is all over this record, playing everything from congas to Wurlitzer to pedal steel to flute in addition to mixing and co-producing.


Yeah, I’m now trying to catch up on the full month from scratch too.

I appreciate my average month probably equates to around the same number of releases as your average week though.