New Releases 27/07/18

No one else seems to have made this yet.

Just Talons for me today. Some great Post rock / metal on Holy Roar.

New Gaika album. That’s about it for me.

Very quiet day but have listened to the new releases from Clint Mansell and Ross from Friends and both were very nice.


That new Clint Mansell is great, thanks.

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Just Matthew Lee Cothran for me today

Tony Molina - Kill The Lights (on Slumberland)


Which Clint release is out? Tried Talons. Pretty generic unfortunately so far…will keep trying.

Thou have an EP out that I’ll probably stick on. Bugger all else for me

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Phantastic Ferniture - Julia Jacklin’s new garage rock band. Album of the week at Resident and 4/5 at Norman.

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Remote Viewing’s album is pretty decent if you like a bit of harrowing sludge metal. Featuring ex-members of Palehorse and Million Dead.

Apart from that and Thou it’s a bit quiet this week.

Oh had no idea about this. Loved Don’t Let the Kids Win, will definitely be checking this out now. Cheers

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Deaf Wish - Lithium Zion (sub pop)

“an album full-of dirty, densely layered, blown out, sneering garage-punk-rock, honed in aussie, and following in the tradition of bands like sonic youth, hot snakes, the men, and wipers.” (Resident)

…I’ve put Gaika - Basic Volume on today’s playlist too. Getting good reviews so why not

Israel Nash - Lifted

“An album that soars as a masterwork of american roots songs, meticulously crafted & gently sprinkled with life meaning & multi-hued rock & psychedelia. fans of neil young, ryley walker & red river dialect should check this out!” (Resident)

New Radical OST

Sounds worth a shot

Masayoshi Fujita - Book of Life (Erased Tapes)

Lovely neo-classical stuff on Erased Tapes featuring lots of vibraphone.


It’s the fact that they’re called Ross From Friends that puts me off from listening to them.

I don’t think the fault is entirely with me on this fact.


Played it a couple of times cos it’s only 15 minutes. Nice. Reminds me a lot of Teenage Fanclub. Just very short.

Yes!! New Deaf Wish!!

Fuckin great band!!