New Releases 27/11/2020

Oooh, it’s Friday! And November is almost done.

As always, the Board proved me wrong last week - pickings were more than just slim. Thanks to all for some great recommendations.

Now, this week really is thin (unless, I suppose you like the “darling of the Boards” own SP, who have CYR out, as if you didn’t know). Beyond that, I have just two on my listening list, one album, one EP, so help me out folks because, you know, how do I get through an entire week of lockdown with just one hour or so of new music to rotate through (as if that’s going to happen, with all those other wonderful threads - including of course dear @BMS1’s “DIS Users’ November 2020 Album of the Month” thread which is already up and out there (so get yo’ ass over there and vote), to scroll through).

Anyway, here’s my two for the community:

Brighton’s own Laundromat - Green EP

Listening to this now and it jogs along quite nicely. Description: twitchy melodic lo-fi, ffo BBC 6 Music playlists? Yeah, I am through it now. It’ll get a few more spins this week - just 3 tracks - but I ain’t blown away.

Ane Brun - How Beauty Holds the Hand of Sorrow:

Norway’s Ane will be next up for me. [Just starting now; very nice opening, spare piano and Ane’s usual captivating vocals]. This is a companion piece to last month’s (!?) After the Great Storm but perhaps more familiar in style to Ane’s earlier albums. I’m liking it so far. FFO - icy Norwegian camlness (much needed in these oh turbulent times, oh yes).

And at the moment the Pumpkins’ CYR ain’t on Spotify for me, so no link (but, you know, I am pretty sure you will find that if you want to).

With that, over to the Board …


Moody modular electronics from the wonderful Craven Faults

Unmissable new comp from Bristol’s best label, Timedance


Reissue (finally!) of Coil’s Musick To Play In The Dark Volume 1 from Dais Records, though Bleep’s just informed me the physical release has been pushed back a week.

Post-Industrial/Dark Ambient; curiously creeping limnal atmospherics.


Craven Faults is the big one today, loved the rest of his output this year. There’s still further interesting records sneaking in before the December lull.

Jahari Massamba Unit - Pardon My French: a Madlib jazz project

Donato Dozzy - The Tao: the Italian ambient techno producer trying his hand at d&b.

Tunes of Negation - Like the Stars Forever and Ever: Shackleton side project. Bandcamp says "In every track, the music ends up soaring towards a sense of ecstatic dissolution. A representation of a bewildering cosmic love in the transient, mortal nature of all things. A re-assimilation of energy towards new forms, " so there you are.

Sarathy Korwar & Upaj Collective - Night Dreamer Direct-to-Disc Sessions: Indian influenced spontaneous spiritual jazz

Erland Cooper & Marta Salogni - Landform: final ambient instalment in Cooper’s Orkney trilogy

AJ Tracey - Secure The Bag! 2: Popular UK rapper, have enjoyed a few tracks he’s been on so going to check this out:

FLOHIO - No Panic No Pain: more hotly tipped UK rap:

Boca 45 - Donuts 2020: Bristol producer channels J Dilla for a “whirlwind production of hip-hop, soul and breakbeats with plenty of guest vocals and MC spots”


The Wytches have a new album out. only ever heard one song by them on a Mojo psych compilation i have but will give this a listen

Err …New Releases 13/11/2020 - #39 by Gert (per @Gert). You’re two weeks late Iccy, old bean!

(It’s worth a listen, though)

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AK/DK - Shared Particles. Double drummer synth kraut bangers. RIYL Cavern of Anti-Matter, Eat Lights Become Lights, WH Lung, Beak>, Neu etc


Second lil EP from ME REX on Big Scary Monsters “Stegosaurus”, the follow up to “Triceratops”, is great. Kinda Los Camp sound but Myles can write a killer hook and his vocals and lyrics are incredible.


Miley Cyrus has a new album out. Her albums can be a bit hit and miss, but there’s always some amount of jams. Interested to see what the Billy Idol colab is like.

New Richie Hawtin EP ‘Time Warps’ for me, “his first dancefloor focused EP since ‘Minus Orange’ in 1999”

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Martin Kohlstedt - FLUR

Great intriguing piano pieces, and fascinating to watch live also. Especially recommended for any fans of Hauschka.

Poder Fantasma - Canciones para el Siglo XVmXI

Maybe this band were going to be at last year’s Great Escape festival that for cancelled? Can’t remember where else I heard of them from. They’re from Chile, and I think they describe themselves as ‘pop post apocalíptico’. Upbeat keyboardy foreign electro pop.

JFDR - Dream On ep
Icelandic lady from Pascal Pinon. Bjork’s a fan.

Futuro Pell - A Bigger Splash remixes
I had a lot of fun with his album at the beginning of the year. Sounds like it’ll be a nice remixed experience of his catchy songs.

Teho Teardo - L’alligatore
Another soundtrack album from him.

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Smashing Pumpkins doing a double album of ‘contemporary’ goth synth pop is in parts good and in parts ridiculous, if you hadn’t guessed. brb off to get obsessed with it

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Happy Smashing Pumpkins day!

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Tori Handsley album out today - collaboration with Ruth Goller and Moses Boyd.



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The Artwork has Billy Idol / Generation X vibes…

I’m incredibly excited about this! Have been looking forward to it for YEARS.

Norman have said they’ve dispatched mine and it should be arriving today.

Two tracks in to the Pumpkins records, truly awful.


Palm Reader. They were on Holy Roar but weren’t you’re average post hardcore band and according to the reviews have strayed further from hardcore but it’s still full on.
Looking forward to my TV leaving the house so I can blast it.


New Pharoah Overlord. Death Metal Disco it would seem…probably going to split opinion quite a lot i imagine! Features Aaron Turner on vocals.

Looking forward to a full listen today at some point.