New Releases 27/11/2020

Icelandic songwriter JFDR has an EP out today of alt versions of songs from her album earlier this year.

Also, going to shamelessly plug my friend Kekeno’s first tape release today, so happy for him! Lo-fi electronic beats to make your morning go nicely.

Oh, weird, I spotted it in Drift’s new releases for this week, maybe the physical version is only coming out now

Its not even that the music individually awful, but the album is basically the same monotonous blob for 1hr 20

this slaps

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BOYS by COWER - featuring members of USA Nails/Silent Front, Pet Brick/Big Lad, Yards/Ghost of a Thousand making weird, unsettling, dark, gothic-noise rock I guess?


Came out earlier this week, not today, but there’s Phoebe Bridgers’s Christmas track for this year, the Merle Haggard cover, If We Make It Through December. Which I find rather beautiful. All proceeds to the Downtown Women’s Center charity in Los Angeles.

The EP also has her previous holiday offerings.

The Amorphous androgynous have a new album out. A full on Psych prog rock concept album with loads of old prog guest stars.(and Paul Weller.)

I can’t find it on Spotify but you can get it on the future sounds of london website.

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Smashing Pumpkins- Cyr
Craven Faults- Enclosures
Gallery Six- Blue in the Midsummer EP (ambient)
Sam KDC- A Mutiny in Monochrome (ambient)
Roedelius- Drauf and Dran (piano)
Chihei Hatakeyama- Autumn Breeze (ambient)

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Slow week easing into list season


This is mentioned upthread but is wonderful.


I thought today was going to be rubbish but there is plenty of stuff here I’m going to have to check out.

This is a mate of mine so everyone please listen :+1:

I really like them, and the new one. Feel like they’ve explored some deftones sounds on it

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Didn’t spot the Deftones bits but really liked the album on first listen.

New one from Terrence Dixon on Tresor

I had the last reissue of this. It’s a great album.

My favourite Coil album by a considerable margin. By the time I discovered Coil, physical copies were laughably beyond my means. It really seems crazy how few Coil releases have come back around; their contemporaries Current 93 and Nurse With Wound have a much better rerelease game*.

*obviously both Jhon and Peter no longer being with us has had some impact, but still…

I am listening to a new Smashing Pumpkins album in 2020 because

  • I genuinely think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell it could be good
  • Might be a bearable track or two
  • Rubbernecking
  • I am very bored

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Hopefully this reissue is a sign of more to come. At the very least, you’d hope that volume 2 is lined up - that was impossible to get hold of even ten years or so ago when I bought volume 1.

Volume 2 re-release expected on Dias next year apparently.

Not sure about any others. Horse Rotorvator and Love’s Secret Domain ought to be back in print at the very least, but the rights situation with Coil’s music is a complete mess and gets quite controversial. Who actually has the right to publish it, and who gets paid seems to vary with almost every one of their releases.

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