New Releases 27/11/2020

I’d like to see The Ape Of Naples as well, so I could finally have a legit copy (and The Unreleased Themes For Hellraiser on a nice coloured vinyl 12", but I think I’m dreaming now). I suppose there are only so many Coil records you are going to sell, so there’s not much incentive for anyone to spend a lot of money on lawyers to sort out the rights.

Ape of Naples is actually still in print in the US: Coil - The Ape of Naples - 2LP – Imprec

I’ve looked and looked and can’t find any UK source for it however. Shipping is expensive, but not ridiculous, so I’m very tempted, although there’ll likely be a customs charge as well. I’ve basically been trying to mentally justify this purchase to myself for the last few weeks! It’s an amazing album.

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Oh, that vinyl looks really nice. It’s going to end up around sixty quid all in though, isn’t it?

I’ll settle for Ape Of Naples (and any other Coil albums) on CD. I’ve already picked up the previously-Russian-only A Guide For Beginners: The Voice of Silver/A Guide For Finishers: A Hair Of Gold double CD that came out a couple of weeks ago on Cold Spring (who also put out the bootleg-ish Backwards a couple of years ago) and Dais’ releases of the Time Machines and Black Light District side projects.


If it helps at all, Important Records and the guys who run it are brilliant. I’ve got quite a few things from them and their pressings have always been excellent. But yeah, it is a bit pricey getting things from the US…



Max Cooper has a new EP.

It’s very good

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First impressions: this is great.

I’m looking forward to it soundtracking a dog walk in the morning.

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The Awkward Silences - The Awkward Silences

New album from the daring anti-folk troupe led by former DiSer Paul Hawkins.

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Former disser? Any clues as to his housername?

… and why former? No longer a DiSer? Once a DiSer, always a DiSer, say I!

Well, that was unexpectedly excellent. I had not heard of her before, and frankly almost didn’t bother to hit play when I saw the cover. Perhaps my expectations were low as a consqeuence, but I just didn’t expect an electric harpist and some ferocious jazz drumming. Here’s a link, and folks, don’t be put off by what must some of this year’s most misleading cover art:

Thanks, @richie


ohhhhhhh, sounds interesting…

and i’m out!

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Well, this bunch are excellent, aren’t they. I haven’t listened to the latest, but went down a rabbit hole starting with 2014’s ‘A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble (Amorphous Androgynous Remixes)’ and working back from there. Just gets better and better. Then I learned it is one of the many aliases of the Future Sound of London. Explains a lot …

So, thank you @MrSibson, and I will get to listening to this latest one just as soon as I finish with the rabbit hole …

They were the only people to make Oasis sound interesting. They can handle the Weller.

I mean how good is this…Oasis - Falling Down (A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Mix) [Full Mix] by Amorphous Androgynous - YouTube

New album from Ten Past Seven, for fans of math rock/Richter Collective stuff.

This new collaboration with Shackleton is very good indeed

Could have done without the vocals I think but yeah it definitely has its moments.

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CS + Kreme have a new single/EP out (2 tracks, 27 minutes), worth checking out if you enjoyed their excellent album Snoopy earlier this year.


It’s very good. The combination of the music with the vocals is jarring at first but once you get used to it it’s excellent. Listened to it a few times over the weekend

Really enjoying the ‘Tokyo Dreaming’ comp so far.

‘Nick has curated a combination of eclectic Tokyo styles of electro, synth-pop, funk and ambient sounds recorded in the 70s and 80s’

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