New releases 27/3/20

Nap Eyes!!! Waxahatchee!! Pearl Jam! which I already heard and it’s really solid after two records I didn’t care for at all.

What else is out?

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Dua Lipa :star_struck:
Nicholas Jaar
Daniel Avery
Fleur East


Half Waif! Sort of tender intricate electronic pop. Idk describing music is hard.

Jennah Barry - Holiday: Beatuiful easy listening Americana. FFO Natalie Prass, Julia Byrne perhaps

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It’s a real shame that the Nicolas Jaar record doesn’t seem to be getting a physical release.

Nicolas Jaar and Daniel Avery in the same day!!


New Hailu Mergia!!

Legendary Ethiopian bandleader/keyboardist brought back into the limelight by the Awesome Tapes from Africa label after decades driving taxis in Washington. He released new material a couple of years ago which was great so looking forward to hearing this one.


Probably gonna be a while before that happens again these days… :confused:

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I don’t think it’s a new release today but perhaps new to Spotify (at the very least, showing up under new releases for me) - the latest Dwarfs of East Agouza album

And a new Melt Yourself Down album - haven’t heard anything by these guys for about four or five years but I remember skronky party jazz, no idea if that’s what they’re doing now but I’ll give it a go.


Have you seen the abomination of a cover? Wouldn’t want that in my house tbh

What a day!

Dua Lipa
Nico Jaar
Daniel Avery/Alessandro Cortini
Dirty Projectors EP

Then there’s also NIN and Sufjan releasing perfect working from home music earlier this week.


The Coriky album that was due today looks to have gone back till the end of April, which is a shame. I’ve got Waxahatchee and Daniel Avery lined up, plus the new Tamikrest album (Tuareg desert rock, like a punchier Tinariwen).

Description has piqued my interest. Enjoying this over breakfast with the silly baby

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Waxahatchee. Been consistently good so expectations are high.

“Proper” debut lp by The Chats

Aussie teen thug punk

Most excited by Waxahatachee


Margaret Glaspy, Sorry and Half Waif for me, although there looks to be plenty of others that’ll be worth a listen too.

I’ve got 4 coming in the post today to backdrop my work for a while and I’m even here to receive them.

Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini
Lowell Brahms & Sufjan Stevens
Jacaszek - Music for Film
Somni - Home