New releases 27/3/20

New Dean Blunt… sort of.

One is a compilation of sorts from the last 7 years. The other is a 12 second loop, for an hour, which is a very Dean Blunt thing to do.

Compilation should at least be interesting…


Don’t know why - the Daniel Avery record has a physical release. I assume the physical copies will have been manufactured well before the current unpleasantness and you can still use the post. It’ll likely get worse of course as production plants and distributors close up.

Lots today. I swear bands release more good albums at the end of the month, just to make my end of month lists trickier to decide!

My bands:

Clem Snide - first album from them in years. Americana nice sounds.

DakhaBrakha - Ukrainian ramshackley folly whaily kinda band. This will be different from all of the other releases today. Looking forward to diving in.

Dana Gavanaski - Canadian lady, slow melancholic songs.

Half Waif - as posted above by someone else. Her previous albums have been good, so fingers crossed for this.

Jacaszek - haunting atmospheric sounds I think. Loved their last album.

Margaret Glaspy - Spotify says fans also like Haley Heynderickx.

Nap Eyes - mentioned by someone else above. Can’t remember much about them at the moment, sounds a bit Americana’y.

San Fermin - this seems to be their last mini album with a new mini album tagged onto it. Catchy kind of ensemble band with various different singers.

Somni - can’t remember much about this chap. Maybe he’s a new discovery. Bleeps and blops possibly.

Sufjan also, although I just found it ok’ish earlier in the week.

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Was really hoping As Long As Ropes Unravel Fake Rolex Will Travel would be on this, fucking love that song.

Haven’t heard it - need to catch up with Dean Blunt a bit. Will add that to today’s list too

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Ooh, DakhaBrakha! Cheers for that, didn’t realise they had a new one out.

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Maybe it’s different with CDs/vinyl but I work for a publisher and so far our UK and Italy printers have stayed open and even our China printers only stayed closed for a short time earlier in the year. But as I say, not sure how it works with music products.

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New Basia Bulat out today!

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Catholic Action and Ringo Deathstarr for me.


on top of those mentioned, I started off with some whiny emo in the form of The Wonder Years second acoustic reworkings, Burst and Decay ep, which was as you’d expect.

Currently very much nodding in agreement with the Spotlights ep.

Have Ringo Deathstarr got something new out?

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OMG the Dua Lipa samples Your Woman by White Town to brilliant effect

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For any R&B and/or soul fans, Cleo Sol’s debut album is finally out…

Why Don’t You is an absolute stunner.

And a new Yazmin Lacey EP as well.

Came here to say Ringo Deathstarr (though it might be a bit post-punk (hope not))…

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Sorry this wasn’t meant to be a reply.

And new Little Dragon as well.

I’ve only heard Gazin’ so far and it’s gazin-as-usual

Was surprised to see that pop up on Spotify last week as I’d almost completely forgotten about them.

On the penultimate Catholic Action track now (great album!) and on to Ringo as soon as that finishes.

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Sufjan album is really lovely. Great instrumental stuff, Age of Adz-y in places.

Dua Lipa’s album is amazing.

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Brian Fallon has a new one out which seems to be more in the vein of the Gaslight Anthem acoustic stuff rather than the more mid-tempo soul-infused stuff of his previous solo albums.

Nothing that hasn’t been mentioned but a huge week.

The Chats
Daniel Avery
Nicolas Jaar
Ringo Deathstar
Sufjan Stevens

Windy & Carl out today i think.