New releases 27/3/20

Lot’s of Jaar’s stuff just sort of appears at some random point in the future on vinyl doesn’t it. Guess he just doesn’t see it as important.

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should be closed now. All production that isn’t food or medical related was halted a few days ago theoretically.

Spotlights have a new ep. Doomgaze

Telepathy have a new album out. Post metal

Irist are a new metal band, really liked their first 2 songs. Melodic, some of it kinda reminds me of newer Lamb of God.

Saudada have finally released an album. The songs with Chelsea Wolfe and Randy Blyth aren’t on it so who knows what the hell it’ll sound like. Oh, looks like that cam out almost a month ago :open_mouth:

And a few other dance acts that have already been mentioned.

Don’t forget NiN released two albums yesterday.

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No, still open, they’re deemed essential (for now anyway)

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Listened to the new Dua Lipa, Waxahatchee, Nicolas Jarr, and Jennah Barry this morning. All pretty to very underwhelming so far :disappointed:

Hopefully I’ll find something good this afternoon, otherwise it’s back to the best of 2019 longlist.

Really like the new Waxahatchee

Gosh it’s like Christmas!

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Really enjoying this so far. Definitely enough reverse reverb etc, but with a some added groove in places.

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I don’t understand the world any more (too old). Artists all moan (justifiably) about how little they get paid by streaming services but then don’t make their music available anywhere else.

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Really digging the more positive and less angst filled Waxahatchee. It’s really pretty and uplifting!

was thinking he’s the sort of artist who could have made a lot of money selling 12" singles in the 90s.

Get the impression he may not need the income tbh.

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Milk Teeth - Milk Teeth

Trio from Stroud, who share members with Nervus. Angsty punk-rock with hints of 90s grunge.

The lad Arovane has a new one out today

German ambient bleeps.

Supermilk - Death Is The Best Thing for You Now

Debut from the drummer from the sadly departed Doe. Heartfelt and introspective.

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Annoyed it’s not available on CD, I’ve got all the others as good car listening!

New Dirty Projectors EP out, first proper recordings with the current live band -

First single off it was lovely, so I’m looking forward to hearing this.

Jaar comes from a privileged family and probably makes a tonne of money playing live when he tours. He won’t be struggling for cash.

Really enjoying the Waxahatchee album – thanks to everyone who mentioned it.

yeah I can see him getting paid very well for DJ gigs. Was what I meant really although I’d guessed from his education and life path he probably came from at least a financially secure background.