New releases 27th April

Not much taking my fancy this week. Okker river, not bought one of theirs for ages. Grouper, only got one of theirs and I like it fine enough but not felt inspired to investigate further.

Then next week there’s loads coming out that I want.

What you lot eyeing up?

Got Grouper on the way.

I’ll listen to Okkervil River - I loved Away but early word on the new one is that it is a stinker. Produced by someone whose credits run to War on Drugs and Alabama Shakes so the omens are not good.

New Janelle Monae will be worth a listen.

Currently listening to Speedy Ortiz. S’alright.

Then have…

Forth Wanderers -
Half Waif -
Janelle Monae
Double Grave (ep) -
Okkervil River
And maybe Dylan Carson

Lined up for the weekend

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Okkervil River, Grouper and now half waif thanks to @rich-t on my list for today. Disstractedly listening to Okkervil River while working atm and enjoying it so far. I hadn’t heard it was produced by the guy who did war on drugs, but knowing know it seems to make sense. I loved Away and was actually the album that got me into them so unlikely this one will rate as highly with me but would say it’s still worth a listen @shinymcshine if you were already a fan. Some nice track’s

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Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle Janelle

(& Grouper)


The only grouper one I have is the man who died in his boat - think that’s what it is called. Very slight and dreamy, also think it wasn’t a proper album - maybe more a bsides compilation, how does it compare to their other stuff? New stuff?

I’ll be getting stuck into Neil Young’s live version of Tonight’s the Night shortly.


The Spielbergs. Wonderfully lo-fi indie rock - imagine a cross between early Idlewild and Japandroids. The singles have been total belters and now their debut EP has finally dropped.


Hoping that I’m going to enjoy Janelle Monae. All the ingredients are there for me to love her but everything she’s put out up to now hasn’t clicked with me. Make Me Feel was absolutely incredible and I hope there’s a lot more in that vein rather than Pynk which, while I appreciate the sentiment and everything behind it, I found to be a fairly average sounding pop song.

Have the smashing pumpkins got anything out?


The only one for me is the album by Portico Quartet. It’s an “offcuts” / B-side collection of stuff from the sessions that gave them Art in the Age of Automation that was one of my favourites from last year. It’s, annoyingly, called Untitled (AITAOA #2) and you can get on streaming services and to buy on Bandcamp and that.

I have listened to it a bit and it’s good if you liked AITAOA.


It’s good but it’s from the Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill sessions (think they were recorded at the same time). So if I were you, I get on DADDUAH. Top 10 all time album for me.


New Grouper is lovely. I was initially a little disappointed to have another piano album but this continues on from Ruins in a really great way.

God is an astronaut have a new one out today.
On first listen it’s the best thing they’ve done in years

Really enjoyed the new Grouper album on the train this morning. Got Half Waif on now. Will probably listen to Okkervil River later.

Just listening to the new We Are Scientists and it starts off sounding not unlike Pheonix. Which is not what I was expecting. This isn’t a recommendation.

Goodness me, this is their seventh album. Hahaha, wow.

need to listen to this, I thought their last one, Helios/Erebus was a bit of a return to form so interested to see how this is. One of the bands I’ve seen live the most I think.

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This sounds very interesting.

Portico Quartet on just now and liking it very much. Going to put Ty Segall’s latest one on next. Other than that there’s not a lot to shout about - very odd for there to be so little happening at this time of year.

Two great new releases next Friday from Group Listening and Joe Armon-Jones though.


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