New Releases - 28/09/18

Not much on my radar for tomorrow apart from Amber Arcades. Not really caught up with last week though - should probably get Low and The Field finally bought.

Anything else interesting out tomorrow?

Picked up the new Mudhoney and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs yesterday along with an old Comets On Fire reissue in the sale.

Will be checking out Marissa Nadler, Exploded View, Amber Arcades… and whatever else this thread throws out that sounds interesting

New Tim Hecker is high on my list.


I’ll probably give the new Joy Formidable a shot.

Ooooo Tim Hecker, Amber Arcades and Marissa Nadler you say? I love these threads! :heart:

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The Black Queen release their second album Infinite Games tomorrow, which I’m super excited foabout. Featuring Greg from Dillinger Escape Plan and two guys who have played with/worked on Nine Inch Nails and Telephone Tel Aviv among other bands, it’s apparently a bit more 80s synth pop, while still retaining the dark ambience of the debut. Vinyl sold out months ago, hopefully I’ve got one on it’s way to me at some point.


Fatima’s new album is out wooooooooooooooooo

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Very much looking forward to listening to the new album from Thus Owls, a Swedish/Canadian band. She’s got a great voice:


Telefon, even!

Gouge Away and Doe both release their second albums tomorrow. Looking forward to both.


Exploded View
Joy Formidable and
Amber Arcades for me.

Could be a stellar week.

Obviously Tim H is a huge highlight…although I’ve had it just over a week so it’ll take a backseat tomorrow. Be interested to see the DiS consensus…I think it’s a clear progression from Virgins, in both sound and quality.

Marissa Nadler. Saw a lukewarm review of this by the NME (still going?!) that criticised “predictable song structures” which got me gnashing my teeth at the thought of all their glowing reviews of landfill indie.

Exploded View. Debut LP and last year’s EP had a really compelling sound…but I’m hoping for more consistent quality in this.

Amber Arcades. Not jumped out at me in the past but it’s getting strong reviews

Goggs: Not bored of Ty Segall yet. Enjoyed their last effort.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - north Eastern psychedelic rock/metal featuring Richard Dawson certainly sounds fun

Joy Formidable. Most likely to give this a go because I like the cover

new Exploded View is more of a slow burner than previous i think, starts off pretty low key. enjoying it more and more though, a definite grower.

prolific jangle pop lads Sea Pinks have another new one out


One of us!


New one on Disintegration State, yo! Futuristic twisted house by Sunbane in the form of ‘soma’. The 8-bit remix of Cog he did recently featured on Warp’s weekly mixtape so clearly this is worth your time!


@paulo13 - thanks so much for this: I had forgotten this was coming out and now top of this morning’s playlist. Track 1 is sounding sweet! Love Erika’s voice.

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Nick Cave and Timmy H for me today.

Fancy pants pixies reissues on vinyl for me today.