New Releases 28/1/22

Good morning DiS, what are you listening to today? My favorites.

Cloakroom - Dissolution Wave
Heavy, distorted “space western”

Pinegrove - 11:11
Expecting another pleasant indie rock album with touch of folk.

What else is out there?


Finally out on (evil) Spotify: Modern Nature’s ‘Island of Noise’ for some pastoral rock.


New one from Beirut who I’ve coincidentally been listening to loads again recently so looking forward to seeing what this sounds like.

Edit: on closer inspection it’s early tracks, B-sides etc

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The winter lull is over now I think, ended up with 26 releases added to my playlist list night. Not got time to do the full list but here’s some to get started:

Anais Mitchell (s/t)

First solo album in 8 years, folky, comforting and low-key singer-songwriter stuff.

Imarhan - Aboogi

Excellent Tuareg desert blues from Algeria, with a surprise guest appearance from Gruff Rhys at the end.

Your Old Droog & Tha God Fahim - The Wolf On Wall Street 2: The American Dream

Third rap collaboration in a year from Droog & Fahim.


Black Flower - Magma

I am quite excited about this; a Belgian quintet making grooves inflorescence by ethio jazz, afrobeat, psychedelia and dub.

DARGZ - The Duke

A very brief debut beats EP (4 tracks clocking in at under 8 minutes) from London producer DARGZ collaborating with Moses Boyd.

Emile Parisien - Louise

Sextet led by Parisien’s alto sax, with very able support including Theo Croker on trumpet and Nasheet Waits on drums.

Immanuel Wilkins - The 7th Hand

Highly rated saxophonist follows his 2020 debut Omega with his first record on Blue Note, leading a tight quartet on what seems to be a very accomplished record.

Mark Lockheart - Dreamers

An experienced saxophonist (his credits include recording on and being part of the touring musicians for Kid A) enlists members of Dinosaur and Polar Bear for an intriguing record influenced by Duke Ellington, Krafwerk and Bury Bacharach.


New Steve Gunn EP featuring Mdou Moctar, Natural Information Society and Bing & Ruth


Imarhan sounding nice with the morning coffee. Has more of an acoustic edge than most other Tuareg stuff but still full of beans

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I think my January top 5 will mostly consist of releases from today! As well as the already mentioned Beirut, Anais Mitchell, and Modern Nature, I have:

Eels - Extreme Witchcraft
Another new rocky Eels album, with previous collaborator John Parish. I doubt I’m going to love it, but I’m a long-time Eels fan so will give it some tries!

Daniel Ogren - Laponia III
Dreamy scandi experimenal melodic kind of tunes.

Wasuremono - Let’s Talk, Pt. 2
New album from Bradford-Upon-Avon band. Melodic psychedelic high voiced flaming lips poppy style sounds.

Josephine Foster - Godmother
Lovely American dreamy indie folk.

Karen Juhl - Endless EP
Danish alternative quirky art pop. Found from an Efterklang playlist, and inspired by Holly Herndon. Sounds good.

Tocotronic - Nie Wieder Krieg
German-singing indie rockish band? One track has Soap&Skin guesting on it.

Group Listening - Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works, Vol. 2
Dark metal-enthused heavy techno.
Well, it’s strangely enough actually some instrumental clarinet and piano tunes.

Mark Guiliana - Music For Doing
Neo-classical jazz sounds?

Marko Nyberg - Ingrid EP
The electronic music half of great scandi electro-pop band, Husky Rescue. An EP of his own electro-dream-pop instrumental sounds.

Verdena - AMERICA LATINA (music inspired by the film
An Italian hard rock band? although this is more interesting sounding quieter tracks. Sounds nicer than I was expecting.

The Arteries Of New York City - The Arteries Of New York City EP
Delicate, almost not there, instrumentals

Squirrel Flower - Planet EP
lo-fi sad acoustic songs, following on from her Planet (I) album last year.


Earthless extended psych fuzz jam wigouts FFO tracks that blast you through or into the sky


Synthpop from Denmark. Loved her last album so am excited to see what this is like.

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Jacques Greene has a new ep out. Idk, house or something


Heavy as fuck post metal

Should be good electronica




Aesop Rock & Blockhead - The Recycling Bin


Was very pleased to hear Group Listening’s cover of the end titles from Camberwick Green this morning.


Aside from stuff that has already been mentioned…

Audrey Nuna - A Liquid Breakfast (Deluxe Edition)

One of last year’s best rap/R&B albums gets the deluxe treatment with 7 new tracks tacked on the end

Amber Mark - Three Dimensions Deep

“a kaleidoscopic melting pot of influences and genres, drawing from funk and R&B, soul and hip-hop”


Maya Shenfeld - In Free Fall

Electronics/experimental classic.

Only other release I know by her is a sine wave drone piece I love so really looking forward to this.


Combo Chimbita - IRE

Colombian via NYC party but some bits sound produced more like an indie rock record

Claude Cooper - Myriad Sounds

Funky hypnotic jazzy beats. You can probably guess if you’ll like it by the artwork


Huge dump of new material (75 tracks) from Frank Ocean/JPEGMAFIA/Dean Blunt etc. collaborator Vegyn (which I might slowly sift through over an extended period). Hazy instrumental rap/R&B/club stuff.

Heavy, mutant and wayward techno/club EP with bags of personality from VTSS


This Imarhan record is great!


Listening to the Beirut rarities comp, I had forgotten what an all-timer Elephant Gun is. Up there with Postcards From Italy as one of his very best songs. The whole of that EP (the first 4 or so tracks on this comp) is pretty great too.