New releases 28/2/20

Oh that Grimm Grimm album is nice. Listened to it in the way in this morning


Looking forward to it - reckon I’m going to really enjoy the Juniore one too.

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Saturated noise and lulling 6/8 rhythms - the ending of Stille Wateren is ideal, then it dissolves into white noise which transitions nicely into actual white noise once she’s asleep :slight_smile:


Really looking forward to having a boogie with the debut album from Franc Moody at some point this week. Their EP from a couple of years ago was on non-stop rotation after I turned up early and caught the tail-end of their supporting set for Friendly Fires. Should be up the street of any modern disco/funk fans.

Caribou album has got a weird flow. Not sure if I’m into it or not :thinking: (probably be aoty now)

OCH on rocket recordings (psych/krautrock)

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really looking forward to the Brooke Bentham album, kinda downbeat indie pop stuff produced by Bill Ryder-Jones


Second new release this month by Mondo Generator.

Daniel Knox has an album of music from Twin Peaks out. I don’t know the source material at all but it seems to have a suitably woozy late night feel.

Might give Soccer Mommy a spin. Other than that will see what crops up on this thread.

The Orielles - Disco Volador

Already on my 4th spin

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Love the new Tycho although it is basically bits of his last album with some instrumental versions of those tracks mixed in. Looking forward to seeing him at Printworks next week.

Are Real Estate not still v problematic? Or did the problematic one leave?

Matt Mondanile was kicked out of the band before they recorded the album before this one.

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Left didn’t he?

aye they’ve had a new guitarist since the last album

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Wasted Shirt (Ty Segall teams up with the drummer from Lightning Bolt)


New lp by Today is the Day out today

Texas noise-core lot that have be running since the early 90s - shared members with Mastodon at one point.


this is great

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it is isn’t it? Possibly their best so far, they’ve trimmed the length of the tracks and it feels more focused, although overall it’s a bit short at only 33 minutes. I would have been fine with a couple more tracks!

Have never listened to them before tbf so this is a good introduction.