New releases 28/2/20

3 tracks in on Bandcamp and it’s making work slip by brilliantly on a Friday. If this is spaghetticore, I’m in. Cheers!

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Hello friends, my band Post Louis released their debut album today and it would mean a lot I’d you checked it out. We sound somewhere between Broken Social Scene, Yo La Tengo, St Vincent, Big Thief, Joanna Newsom and according to one review, early Modest Mouse.


Soccer Mommy- Color Theory
Real Estate- The Main Thing
Tycho- Simulcast
Caribou- Suddenly
Sunbane- Memory Hole
Wasted Shirt- Fungus II
James Taylor- American Standard

Ambient/Drone/Modern composition:

Slow Dancing Society- The Disappearing Collective Vol. 1
Niklas Paschburg- Svalbard
Chapelier Fou- Meridians
Ocoeur- Everything
Teruyuki Kurihara- Frozen Dust

Busy week per usual better get cracking, happy listening folks!

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he still needs to take a holiday tho

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When those horns came in towards the end of the album it was glorious. This is such a nice gem to have discovered this Friday.

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Anyone remember Despistado? They’re back after 15 years. Only a single so far, but it’s pretty great if you like Q And Not U etc

The Mark Vodka Group - Debut

lo-fi punk rock from Nova Scotia


On the reissue front can I wholeheartedly recommend The Adventures of Kindaichi Kosuke by Mystery Kindaichi Band to all fans of 70s Japanese jazz funk disco imaginary detective film soundtrack music, especially if they also like records with paintings of flute playing vampires on the cover.


It’s so good!

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aye it’s great, saw her supporting BRJ at CCA last year and she was incredible

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Ohhh good look out was waiting for this reissue to pop up. Speaking of a reissue/compilation of sorts, this has finally popped up on Spotify here in the States. Although I think it was released a couple weeks ago. Need to find it on vinyl.

Guadeloupe label’s second in a series of 3 compilations, first one focused on the 50’s/60’s origination of the label. This one focuses on the 70’s Pan-Caribbean sound. Smooth has silk with wonderful horn arrangements. Cannot recommend enough.


Couple of things that haven’t been mentioned yet… Really love this new Ben Seretan album. Hard to define but it’s kinda scrappy-but-loveable indie rock with a weirdo/experimental edge. Reminds me a bit of Frog, if anyone else here got into them:

Also got sent this lovely jazzy/ambient/experimental thing from Akron, Ohio. Really good stuff:


I shall be listening to the new Four Year Strong album on repeat. Bar one duff ballad, it absolutely slaps

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I liked the “Winter Pollen” single, so will definitely give this a listen.

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yeah, after a pretty much everything they’ve done for a decade being fairly weak, bar maybe the EP, I’m pleasantly happy with this album

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Lemon Quartet. Your man from Trouble Books is part of this I do believe.

Excellent, glad to hear it!

Thanks for the tip - got this on at the moment and I’m loving it. The summer vibes are not really suiting the weather here at the moment though.

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Score for a film Johann Johannsson directed that’s getting a posthumous release at the Berlin Film Festival, out today.

Spotify link not working, but it’s up there, called ‘Last and First Men’.

please have a really lovely folk album