New releases 28/2/20

Yeah the Wasted Shirt record is a bit of a face melter, isn’t it?

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Sol Seppy

She released an absolutely lovely album way back in 2006, so it’s a long overdue return. Lovely voice and piano. The new one seems potentially similar so far.
She used to play as part of Sparklehorse, so yay. Although last year she posted on Facebook (and then deleted after angry comments) about the badness of vaccinations…, So boo for that.
The music is sounding nice at least.

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Popping this on next, pretty pumped.

Its currently amping me up for a Friday night in outta the rain! Feel like I wanna bounce off the walls to this! Its sick.

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Meant to add, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it too @NeilYoung :+1:

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Surprise Chris/Christine & The Queens EP!

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Yeah so Wasted Shirt, pretty sure this is an instant classic. I was obviously foaming at the mouth being big Segall and Lightning Bolt fans and this one sure delivers at least for me. As @WizardLizard said some absolute face melters on here. Chippendale’s speed demon precision with Ty’s scuzz fuzz psych noise experimentation just top notch.

Don’t think I could make out one discernible lyric but didn’t care. Last minute thirty of ‘Harsho’, whoooaaa mamacita.


Surprised no one has mentioned the new record from Daniel Davies a.k.a. son of Dave Davies and John Carpenter collaborator. Really nice dark synthy soundscapes which build very impressively.

Great album cover too, as always from Sacred Bones.


Yes, yes, YES!!! Harsho was a MASSIVE standout for me too. The whole thing is just nuts. I can’t wait to stick it on again.

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I was only thinking this week WHEN is the wasted shirt album out (was this the ty segall someone else mentioned btw? Has he dropped two albums on the same day?!) and I cannot wait to have a listen/my face melted clean off

Played the Caribou album. Some nice songs but it’s not a standout for me.

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Think they meant Wasted Shirt, but with Ty never know :smile: Had to check his Spotify just in case.

Just finished Caribou myself. Completely disinterested in him after this. Two stinkers in a row for me. Some decent dance-y electronics. Going more a poppy route with the vocals, and that effect filter of whatever he uses to sing through kills me.

This Soccer Mommy LP is bloody great


Nice, coming up next here.

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Really low key vibe.

Good thats my bread and butter :grin:

Yeah this is lovely. ‘Yellow Is The Color Of Her Eyes’ the standout for me.

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what the FUCK

I was wondering where she went just the other day. Excited!!!

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Would also like to shout out to Ekkah, a duo I’ve liked for years, who got another single out today. They’re late night, glossy pop/disco. Wouldn’t sound out of place on a Mark Robson album actually. New one is lovely:

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I’ve not really liked anything they’ve done since the first album. Will check this new one out!

I actually like everything they’ve done, but this is by far the strongest since Enemy Of The World

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