🦋🆕 New Releases 28 July 23 🆕 🦞

Been a bit quiet recently compared to earlier in the year… What’s on your radar this week?

Jessy Lanza - Love Hallucination

4th album of dance pop on Hyperdub from Canadian producer - loved her earlier works so looking forward to this.

7038634357 - Neo Seven

Enigmatic ambient FFO Fennesz, MBV, Ulla, Ana Roxanne.

Aphex Twin - Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / In a Room7 F760

Needs no introduction - new EP from Richard D James

Georgia - Euphoric

Second album of club-facing pop from Georgia, produced by Rostam (Haim, Carly Rae Jepsen, Clairo).

Dexys - The Feminine Divine

New one from 80s wedding playlist favourites. God knows what this will sound like.


Gorgeous jangle, psych-pop from one of the best to ever do it…… the clientele


Mutoid Man - Mutants

Party metal I guess? Riff heavy, upbeat, catchy vocal hooks. The sort of music that makes you want to go out and skate.


Travis Scott - Utopia

Biggest rap release of the year? Insane list of features too.

Damon Locks & Rob Mazurek - New Future City Radio

Experimental jazz “mixtape” on International Anthem.

Nite Bjuti - Nite Bjuti

Avant Garde experimental jazz (again?) trio. Wayne Shorter was a fan according to their Spotify bio.

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - Bark Out Thunder Roar Out Lightning

More jazz! New album from the Grammy nominated trumpeter who also goes by Chief Adjuah now.

Fly Anakin - Skinemaxxx (Side B)

Second side of the rappers latest work. First one was pretty good, this should be too.


Jesse Lanza and Mutoid Man too! And all being released on a day when I won’t even have a chance to listen to any of it :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Dot Allison - Consciousology

Dream folk. The former One Dove frontwoman’s 2021 solo album Heart-Shaped Scars was my 6th favourite that year, a work of pastoral beauty. Hoping for something of similar quality this time.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland - The Ones Ahead

Chamber and piano arrangements and the still stunning voice of the now 79 year old composer on this album, his first studio record in 20 years. I love the track Stand Anthem.

Locate S,1 - Wicked Jaw

Pop/indie singer-songwriter. This is the third album for Locate S,1 aka Christina Schneider from Athens, Georgia. “Like Carly Simon soundtracking an Adam Curtis documentary” is quite a claim in the blurb.

Susanna - Baudelaire and Orchestra

Chamber folk. Norwegian artist working with The KORK Orchestra, setting the poetry of Baudelaire to orchestral arrangements with a lightness of touch which I’m really enjoying. This is the final part of her Baudelaire trilogy following Baudelaire and Piano then 2022’s Elevation.

Bethany Cosentino - Natural Disaster

Best Coast singer’s debut solo album. From the pre-release tracks, there’s a Sheryl Crow kinda style to this, a country-tinged power pop maybe.

El Kontessa - Nos Habet Caramel

Experimental club music. Cairo DJ and producer releases her debut album on the Palestinian Bilna’es label, the 7 tracks featuring traditional Mahraganat and polyrhythmic percussion.


queen of our hearts new side B

This and Georgia for me




Full disclosure I am involved in this but… Type Two Error (Ex Cooper Temple Clause (singer/keyboard player) Finally release album after 7 years in the making.

A nice mix of rock, kraut, electronic, indie sounds…


Brenda - Brenda

Synthy indie from Glasgow. 8 tracks in 23 minutes.

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Ok, I’m interested

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One for Leeds heads. Can only find the physical version which is on cherry red:

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@Jamos played her in an early music league and I’ve been following her ever since. Upbeat, positive hip hop and r’n’b. Features on this include Stevie Wonder, Freddie Gibbs and Lin-Manuel Miranda

FFO Tierra Whack, Janelle Monae


Mel & Kim - F.L.M. (2023 Remaster)

Stock Aitken Waterman driven pop. I have discussed elsewhere on this forum how much I loved Mel & Kim as a child in the late 80s, so I am interested to see the release of a remastered edition of their only album and will be having a nostalgic listen to this in a way that ain’t ever gonna be respectable.


New Carly Rae Jepsen alert.

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Madeline Kenny - A New Reality Mind

Indie pop. FFO Wye Oak maybe. Stereogum’s AOTW btw


Enji - Ulaan

Mongolian traditional long song singing meets folky jazz in the follow up to one of my favourite albums of 2021. Really looking forward to spending time with this.


In the mood for some psychodelic brass? Of course you are!


Do they have anything to do with the type two error guys that did hope of the states visuals? Might be getting confused somewhere.

Beverly Glenn Copeland and the numbers guy for me I reckon

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