New releases 28th June 2019

What’s out today chaps?
So far I’ve only seen the Ben Frost Dark soundtrack and the Thom Yorke thing that I’ll be listening to.

Any good electronic stuff out, in particular?

Chance the Rapper’s two mixtapes (inc. Acid Rap) have hit Spotify today.


Bit annoyed Spotify seem to have just given up on the release radar.

Download an old version…

Looks like a pretty slow week tbh.

Daughter of Swords has a record out. She’s in Mountain Man and this is a record of airy folk about a break up that hasn’t happened yet

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Horse Jumper Of Love - So Divine for me today. Recommended for anyone who likes slowcore type of stuff.

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How do you mean? mine still seems to be there, in the new releases section.

top tip, follow your release radar and then it will appear in your playlists too.


Seconded. Listening now, and this is really great.

It’s Madlib/Freddy Gibbs day isn’t it? Not a massive Gibbs fan but I can listen to Madlib all day long so I’m looking forward to that.

Also gonna listen to some MAMMOTH STORM for some epic beardy stoner/doom action. FFO: feeling like a particularly heroic mountain.


Other than those already mentioned (Thom Yorke, Freddie Gibbs/Madlib)

Yellow Eyes

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New Lolina E.P. feels like a (good) departure on first listen.

Kali Malone if you like organ dirge. Like some of her stuff but not all but will definitely check that out.

Not aware of anything else on my radar so will be checking out this thread apu.

Yeah I really wanted to like Piñata but ended up listening more to Piñata Beats.

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Slow week for me. All I’ve got lined up is the new Night Moves release.

Me too tbh. There’s a decent chance I’ll be doing this with Bandana but I’ll give the dude a shot before writing the record proper off.

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Weird - for the last two weeks (since I last updated) it’s been empty when I’ve looked on iPhone. Just looked on laptop and it’s fit to burst. Seems to have updated on phone, too. Well good!


few weeks ago, I think. Need to give a better listen though so thanks for the reminder.

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Yeah looks like it was being weird - not updating on phone but seems to have fixed itself when I checked on laptop. Thanks!

Poison is a lovely track, so I’ll have a listen to this later. Didn’t realise the album was out yet

Freddie Gibbs/Madlib is superb

Always slow in the Summer. I was disappointed with my Spotify Radar this morning too, but you can’t get blood from a stone.

Only album I’ve listened to so far today is the pretty cracking new record from Samba / Bossanova legend Marcos Valle - good tunes for the weather!

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