New Releases 29/04/2022

Let’s Eat Grandma and Dalek for sure

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Listened to Heriot before, surprisingly heavy for a band with that much Kerrang buzz I thought, enjoyed it.

Helms Alee (Seattle post rock multi-genre band, atmospheric and/or heavy, ffo Torche, Kylesa, Baroness)

Also got Royksopp, and Rammstein (who I’ve never had much interest in before but the singles have been good) lined up.


Two new albums by artists I have enjoyed in the past:

Royskopp - Profound Mysteries

Seems to be getting good reviews “like a warm electronic hug”

Girlpool - Forgiveness

LA indie guitar

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Big big week.

Scalping - Void

The techno - noise rock band’s debut

Worriedaboutsatan - Celebrity Bloodsport.
He promised us bangers.

Royksopp - Profound Mysteries.
Not a fan but some of the singles have been amazing. And Alison Goldfrapp!

Steve Hadfield - Rhubarb and Custard

He says it’s drill n bass. I say it’s too early to find out if that’s true.

DJ Krush - story
Japenese hip hop.

Then Dalek, Rammstein, Kelly Lee Ownes and Heriot.

That’s a busy day!


Another busy week! Plenty mentioned already that I’ll be listening to, plus an assortment of other stuff below:

Dana Gavanski - When It Comes
Mentioned already upthread, but now with a link. Loved her debut album on Full Time Hobby, and looking forward to this one. ‘Her brand of pop music is quietly experimental yet brimful with melodic sweetness. Her vocal delivery is folky, smoky, sometimes jazz-tinged, while the songs swim on winningly wonky waves of synth.’

The Plastik Beatniks - All Those Streets I Must Find Cities For (12 Songs For Bob Kaufman)
“Andreas Ammer (Ammer & Einheit), brothers Markus and Micha Acher (The Notwist) and loop maker Leo Hopfinger (LeRoy) formed The Plastik Beatniks to pay homage to a nearly forgotten artist, one of the few black Beatnik poets, Bob Kaufman.”
Has Angel Bat Dawid, Doseone, Allen Ginsberg, Moor MOther, and Patti Smith guesting on songs.

Fountaindale - Tiredness Can Kill Take A Break
Just heard the first song and can’t find much information about him, but it sounds really nice and warm and melancholic so far. Looking forward to listening to the rest.

This one has got @Octobadger’s name all over it. ‘The self-titled album is an intoxicating, dancefloor-indebted blend of traditional Tanzanian music, Afro-Latin rhythms and experimental electronic music, with the majority of lyrics sung in Swahili and Spanish.’
Sounds good!

Honeyglaze - Honeyglaze
Debut album from UK trio. Will be supporting Wet Leg, and describe Cate Le Bon, Weyes Blood, Caroline, and Big Thief as influences.

Astrel - Flickering i
Debut solo project from one half of Ulrika Spacek. Norman Records say that the album amounts ’ to a sound which mirrors the film score and library music output of cult indie-psych-electronic legends Broadcast’

Dandelion - All You Know
Collaboration with Matty and Kaan I think. Sounds like nice fuzzy sort of indie pop.

Girlpool - Forgiveness
Indie electro pop duo, seemingly liked by Line of Best Fit and Loud and Quiet.

Alexia Avina - Forgotten Angle
Ambient, folky dreampop. Is or has been on the Topshelf label and Pictish Trail’s Lost Map label.

Tim Linghaus - Provenance
Piano neo-classical instrumental tunes.

Charles Watson - Yes
The other half of Slow Club.

The Ah - Ryan Dreams
Quirky distorted sickly sweet instrumentals.


Phenomenal stuff. This list speaks to me in so many ways. One, you tagged me in it, and yes, that is straight on the list! Second, I’m actually named on another release (might get round to that one). But last and probably most, you’ve found an album which shares its tribute subject with my album of 2021 (R.A.P. Ferreira’s Bob’s Son) and features two of my favourite artists. Amazing!


Big fan of the first 2 girlpool albums, but not really keen on the direction they’ve taken after that. Might give a cursory listen over though

Ooh, named on a release in a newmusicfriday thread - the stars have aligned for you! :smiley:

Yeah quite a bit I’m interested in today. Oumou Sangaré, Congotronics, Scalping, Batu, Future…

Quite liked the single I heard from Ghost Power, an electro indie collaboration between Tim Gane of Stereolab and Jeremy Novak of Dymaxion, so will give that a go.


I didn’t click with them much at all and really rated the third one

Really going all out on the terrible lyrics by the sounds of it :grimacing:

I was just listening to the last US record yesterday, thinking "too bad it seems like they’re not going to release any more albums "


Listened to the first four tracks on Bandcamp and hit the buy button.

Shall be this and a bit of Scalping later on if I fancy that (loved their earlier EPs but not been desperately fond of the singles off this album)


Fifth Friday of an already busy month making our top 5 April album selections that bit harder. In addition to the above, I’m gravitating towards:

Les Rallizes Dénudés - The OZ Tapes

First-ever official worldwide LP release by legendary Japanese psych rock band, with these recordings from the Oz live music venue in the early 70s.

Shilpa Ray - Portrait of a Lady

Formerly of Beat the Devil and Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers, this solo abum of punk rock from Brooklyn, with a nice line in song titles (e.g. Manic Pixie Dream Cunt)

Jasmine Morris - Astrophilia

Latest from the experimental label Nonclassical.

Taking inspiration from ancient Viking cosmology, Astrophilia is the new album from composer Jasmine Morris. Jasmine illustrates a different mythical realm with each movement, creating otherworldly effects and textures with traditional Viking instruments, string quartet and electronic processing. The album features performances from the Tippett Quartet, vocalist Mieko Shimizu and Swedish folk musician and ethnographer Per Runberg.

Dumb Numbers & The Melvins - Broken Pipe EP

Collaborative EP of fuzzy noise rock.

crikey the new KMRU album with Aho Ssan is an intense experience, enjoyed it though
onto Batu next


Frog Eyes are back with new album.

That Toma Kami EP bangs. Wish that Lowtec release was on digital but I know that’s not how Workshop do things.

Wow. Today is packed! Top of the list is Action Bronson and Ebi Soda, but also very interested in Lets Eat Grandma. Then there’s Kelly Lee Owens and The Plastik Beatniks that I didn’t know was out today (thanks @Octobadger and @paulo13). May also give Batu, Toro y Moi and Dalek a listen if I have time.

But there is also this…

Gaika - War Island OST

Always got time for some new Gaika.


Let’s Eat Grandma was half good. Really enjoying this Tennis System record now @Avery

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Yeah - Workshop is usually buy-on-sight for me anyway. Some of their stuff is on digital I think, but tends to be the newer releases (unless they’ve taken it all off now).