New Releases 29/1/2021

There’s a new album of drone metal out from The Body on Thrill Jockey, which The Quietus describes as “a monstrously heavy, crushingly bleak monument to humankind’s ruin”. Not sure I’ll be in the mood to listen to it today, but I’ll give it a go at some point.


this has made my morning tbh

New Ani DiFranco album out today:

there are far too many good albums out today given I was already struggling to make my AOTM list!

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This might have come out last week but the latest instalment in Light in the Attic’s Japanese music series


A strange oddity has appeared on Spotify for Eels. Some interviews and their first radio session before they got a record deal and a year before Beautiful Freak came out. Listening now.

Hydrogen Sea - nice 5 track EP. Lovely voice and melodic synthy sounds. Definitely worth a listen.

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this is right up my street, thanks

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I really liked “a coliseum…”, a few cracking tracks on it.

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Portrayal of Guilt :metal:

Also, Besnard Lakes, Goat Girl and Arlo Parks


Harsh but fair. I thought ‘Black Dog’ was one of the best things of last year and genuinely one of the best singles I’d heard in ages, but her other stuff doesn’t come close yet.

Enjoying Goat Girl though, really moved on since the last one.

Terry Gross - Soft Opening

Trans Am-side project, offering “sci-fi tropes and sinuous kosmische riffing fit for an arena”.


On first listen that Anna B Savage is great. One track (no spoilers) has the best gear change ive heard in a song for years. I had to check Spotify hadn’t messed up!

Highly recommended if you lie Cate LeBon/Aldous Harding indie folk.

The Sonder Bombs - Clothbound

Upbeat pop-punk stylings, playful song structures and more than a little ukulele.


A medium sized ukulele?


There is no one size fits all in ukelele land

Lotta lotta albums

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A couple of black metal releases that have piqued my interest.

Hån from Switzerland (although their name is Norwegian for “Scorn”) with an album of traditional misanthropic black metal

Antigone’s Fate from Germany. Longer form atmospheric BM, I really enjoyed their previous album. Supposedly released today but so far only one (14min) track available to hear (although there are only three on the album!)

Also being released on this very busy day.

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This is absolutely brilliant. For fans of primal string arrangements that channel nature.

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Steven Wilson - The Future Bites is the big one for me today. Don’t know what to expect; Wilson largely abandoned prog for a more art rock/pop crossover on his previous album but it looks like the new one is full-on concept. Big article on Wilson in the new Electronic Sound which may be enlightening…

Beyond that, going to pick up bits and pieces I’ve been saving for the first Bandcamp day of 2021.

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