New Releases - 29/10/2021

They come round quickly, these new release Fridays.

I’ve been waiting impatiently for these albums out today.

Tenderlonious - still flute
Incredible jazz flute mixed up with downtempo house. Love it.

Nightmares on Wax - Shout Out! To Freedom
Warp Records stalwart back with a ninth album of electronica mixed with jazz, hip-hop and soul. Guests on the record include Greentea Peng, Shabaka Hutchings, OSHUN and Haile Supreme.

Model Man - Model Man
This is broadly deep house territory, I reckon, though with elements of modern classical, garage and dubstep from what I’ve heard so far. The track Clarity was out last year and is exactly the sort of euphoric blissy house that I go for.

Global Communication’s Tom Middleton becomes Galactic Communication with this new solo project of… ambient space techno? How would you describe it in your press release, Tom?

E2-XO is an audio movie, a space opera, a psychic investigation of the human mind in space. It is a fully immersive experience, with all the dynamics that such an imagination-stretching voyage implies. Listeners will hear echoes of Tom’s whole creative life; from his childhood absorbing Vangelis and Tomita, through the white heat of discovery alongside Richard D James, Matthew Herbert and friends, right through to his collaborations with technological innovators today and his current research into neuroscience and sound design. E2-XO acknowledges the past, but make no mistake whatsoever: This is the future…

So there you go.

What else have we got lined up this week?


The War On Drugs- I Don’t Live Here Anymore

Been really looking forward to this one. Reviews seem to be all positive and advance singles seemed to be pointing in that direction. One listen in so far and already want to head back in for a second!


Not hopeful it’ll be much good but will be listening to Mastodon - Hushed And Grim later.


All about the jazz for me today

Vels Trio

Theon Cross


Oh and Marissa Nadler has a new one out for fans of gothy folky Americana I guess?


Death cab photo album re release with loads of demos and things


All about Eris Drew for me today. House, disco, breaks, electro…… weird, glorious party music with so much craft behind it.


Babytron - Bin Reaper 2

Punchline-heavy, ahead-of-the-beat Detroit rap. I really enjoyed his earlier album this year (Luka Troncic) despite the nagging feeling that I would be too old for it if I was half my age.

Bitchin Bajas - Switched on Ra

Synth drone jazz in tribute to the great Sun Ra.

Jamael Dean - Primordial Waters

Cosmic afro-jazz meets woozy experimental boom-bap hip-hop.

Lone - Always Inside Your Head

Citing Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine and William Orbit as influences, the producer’s 8th album promises to evoke trip hop on Mo’ Wax, 90s Warp, intelligent drum & bass and ambient house.

Lotic - Water

Loud and Quiet reference These New Puritans, Burial, Joanna Newsom and Anohni in their review of this album that is ‘awash with supreme moments of serene and scintillating musicality’. That’s enough to get me interested.

Rome Streetz & Ransom - Coup de Grace

Swaggering East Coast rap.

The The - The Comeback Special

Live at the the Albert Hall.

Tori Amos - Ocean to Ocean

Umpteenth studio album from pianist singer-songwriter; probably not breaking new ground but she can still bang out a tune on the piano.


Owiny Sigoma Band - The Lost Tapes

Offcuts set from my favourite Kenyan/UK murky pop fusion band. If you don’t know em probably check out Nyanza or Power Punch before this, two cracking albums


Mars Kumari - sounds like GAS remixing Burial on first listen. On Dalek’s label

Kayo Dot - maximalist prog rock


Tim Linghaus - Memory Sketches II
Shortish piano tracks, sketches if you will. The first song sounds absolutely lovely, so I’m more interested in listening to this album than I was expecting.

Laura Cannell and Kate Ellis - October Sounds EP
Just had a look at their Spotify, and it seems like they’ve been doing EPs of sounds for each month. The first track sounds a delightful sort of folky violin-backed magical forest kind of story. Might have lots of listening to catch up on. One of the songs has Adrian Crowley.

Mary Lattimore - Collected Pieces: 2015-2020
Harpy goodness.

Kaae & Batz - Lush
Sleep Party People chap and someone else. Ambient electronic sounds. Nice and relaxing.

Coco - Coco
One of the band members/singers is one of the women from Dirty Projectors. Sounds decent enough.

Lunar Vacation - Inside Every Fog Is A Dead Wasp
Debut album, from Atlanta. Maybe a slightly more indie rocky sound than what I’m expecting the Marissa Nadler album above to sound like.


Curren$y & Harry Fraud team up again for another EP, I’m guessing it’s safe to expect smooth hip-hop beats & weed/car raps.


Looking forward to the Tenderlonious & Theon Cross releases, never even spotted them. So far these have taken my interest…

Tata Vasquez & His Orchestra - Ecstasy - 70s Latin Jazz.
Reissue of a 1970s New York Latin Jazz group with eye catching cover and luscious salsa swing tunes.

Robert Walter - Hellhound / Loomis SINGLE - Organ Funk.
This is the 6th release of his Better Feathers series from which I also recommend the track Security. “‘Hellhound’ is influenced by the otherworldly sounds of archaic blues and electric-era Miles Davis. I wanted it to feel eerie and visceral, like an exorcism. I deliberately avoided traditional drum parts in favor of distorted stomps and claps. Instead of crash cymbals, I used bangs on an old spring reverb. The melody was improvised in one take.”

Mick Jenkins - Elephant In The Room - Rap.
Former collaborator for BadBadNotGood & Noname has released a full length album after last years prelude EP, The Circus. Downtemp beats with some nice instrumentation and dark intense lyrics.

Pozi - Typing EP - Shoegaze? Anxiety Punk?
Regardless the bands drums, bass and violin offer little respite to their intense lyrics and infectious rythmns. I’m reminded of Portishead’s album Third as an example of where this band is at, looking forward to seeing them at Stag & dagger.

Cktrl - Zero EP - Delicate R&B with clarinet & sax.
London based DJ / Producer whose EP last year, Robyn, was stunning in its soulfulness. The early release tracks haven’t disappointed from the piano + clarinet + harp opener that drag you along for a journey and the title track featuring the always excellent Marian Mereba on vocals.

Tulio Araujo & Pedro Gomes - U - Brazilian Beats.
Not out till the 31st but I thought I’d get it flagged early. The preview track has nice rythmns and spanish guitar, a little funky bass and some dodgy rapping so curious where this one goes.

Headpiece - Nothing is Revealed - Scratch Skip Beat.
A chill release to relax into.

Patrick Shiroishi - Hidemi - Jazz.
Its like an argument between 4 sax with no winner since “All of the album was written and performed by Shiroishi who sang and played alto, baritone, tenor, C melody, and soprano saxophones, stacking up layers of harmonies often each recorded in one take.”

Swindle - THE NEW WORLD - R&B.
“Described by Swindle and all those involved as a healing process written in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, this project brought together an incredible community of artists who found the most simplistic emotion of joy together in collaboration - unapologetically ushering in introspection, community and liberation into the ether.”

Big Yawn - Pressure Acts - Big Beat.
“Big Yawn make experimental electronic music by fusing a wash of sweeping synthesizers, heavily refracted vocal sampling, motorik style percussion and disorientating dub FX.”


Was just about to post Mick Jenkins - so here’s a Spotify link for those who need/want it.

This new willy mason ep has such a great vibe

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Sophie Hutchings – Echoes In The Valley

Australian pianist with an album of solo compositions. Her last few releases have had an incredible sense of fluidity and movement; this is a much more restrained, quiet affair, recorded late at night in a mountain cabin in between/during lockdowns. Nils Frahm’s Felt is a probably a good touchpoint.

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Gazelle Twin & NYX - Deep England: The Sacred Tape

My trusty bandcamp notifications tell me of a new live version of this collaboration’s excellent unsettling experimental album from earlier this year, Deep England.

Lolina (previously one half Hype Williams) with some glitchy sample collages

Christina Vantzou works in the experimental classical sphere. Looks like this is a low key release combining field recordings and electronic/synth elements.

Cellist Clarice Jensen has a soundtrack out


New Natalie Jane Hill:

Other than that, I’ll just be blasting the R.E.M. - New Adventures In Hi-Fi reissue.


Bukky Leo & Black Egypt - The Legend of William Onyeabor

Nigerian saxophonist Bukky Leo and backing band Black Egypt who “blur the boundaries between Afrobeat, Afro-jazz and Afro-funk” with interpretations of tracks from legendary Nigerian musician William Onyeabor.

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