New Releases 29 July 22

What have we got today?

Beyoncé has to be the big one, right?

Beyoncé - Renaissance

Orbital - 30 Something

Hartnoll brothers revisit their 30-year back catalogue with a collection of reworks, remakes, remixes, and re-imaginings.

Andrew Tuttle - Fleeting Adventure

Australian banjo player and ambient producer with a beautiful album of hazy Americana.

Damon & Naomi with Kurihara - A Sky Record

Damon & Naomi, AKA the rhythm section from American underground legends Galaxie 500, have teamed up with Japanese guitarist Michio Kurihara for their eleventh album ‘A Sky Record’.


The new album by Ithaca.


Death Bells new one

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Florist - Florist

Alt folk/indie. Big Thief are an obvious touch point, especially considering the length of the album.

Friendship - Love The Stranger

Americana tinged indie from Dan Wriggins and his band


Tallies for some Sundays inspired jangly dream pop
of Montreal to appease 2008 me

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New tune from Pianos Become The Teeth in advance of their new album next month. Love this, emo, massive chorus kicks in about 2.30 in, can’t wait for the full record.

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The Cribs re issues are out today. Which I’m pretty sure aren’t new but there are discs worth off bonuses that might be worth a listen.

Seems like they are reissues done properly and all.

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Chat Pile

VERY excited about this after only hearing them a few weeks ago, thanks to @hex-acts in Music League

FFO Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Metz, Noise Rock in general


Really looking forward to this!


Sun’s Signature - Sun’s Signature EP

Widescreen proggy baroque pop from Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser and her partner Damon Reece.

CoN & KwAkE - Eyes In The Tower

Jazzy London hip-hop duo on the second release from Shabaka Hutchings’ Native Rebel label.

Sam Gendel - Cicada Lite (Live in Texas)

Prolific experimental jazz with Gendel’s tenth LP since the start of 2021 a live acoustic recording in harmony with the natural sounds of his surrounds.

Hinako Omori - a journey with friends

Remix album of Omori’s experimental ambient pop record from March.


Beyonce and Beyonce only.

Worth saying that Florist were a thing before Big Thief. The last Big Thief album does sound like their debut in places too.


Yeah definitely. promise is a pendulum is very florist-esque


Magic Arm - Dance Mania
After almost a decade away I was really happy to see something new from him, thought he had faded away. More ambient than previous work, there is also a beautifully-shot, gently paced film that follows the whole album (38 mins overall)

Only 2 tracks on Bandcamp, so Spotify link below

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Big release week for pop girls.

Was enjoying my first play through of Beyoncé, then it accelerates from pretty great to incredible from Virgo’s Groove onwards. Was reading up about her dedicating this album to her Uncle Johnny, a wonderfully apt tribute. It really takes those house and ball influences, combines them with her recent ventures in R&B and afrobeat and the product is a hell of a lot of fun.

Maggie Rogers - Surrender
Second album from pop/folk singer songwriter, had a brief listen through these and it seems good so far, varied bunch of tracks between the softer moments and the punchier guitar and electro influenced tracks, plenty of heart throughout.

King Princess - Hold on Baby
Not gone through this yet but reviews seem alright, wasn’t fully sold on her debut but always felt she had promise.

Hayley Kiyoko - PANORAMA
Follow up album to her confident, self assured debut, gave this a cursory listen but it’s nowhere close to her past work, feels incredibly light and one note, bit Selena Gomez-y. Thought I’d mention it as it’s flown under the radar for quite a few.

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Hoover iii have a new album out today - think that’ll be what I’m mostly going for.


Domo Genesis new album produced by Evidence is top of my list today, followed by whatever else I find on the thread.


This is an unusual Liam Gallagher song …b side I think

Released in August last year …